2 August 2012

I Have Always Wanted Too.....

Since I was a little girl growing up into a teen, there were always 4 things I used to say I wanted to do. Some may call it a dream, because lets face it, they may never happen but some people will tell you there's no reason why you cant do what your heart desires.

I'm always sitting down discussing this topic with friends, so I thought why not type up a little post on the matter as there are probably lots of you out there that sit down and dream of things that you think are out of reach.

People will always tell you that life is too short, and a lot of the time it takes something drastic to happen in someones life for them to open their eyes and start living it. At the age of 26, I feel like like at times I've been dealt the 'rough times' card, but Iv constantly picked myself back up and kept going, but Ive realised as I'm getting older, Ive let my dreams go.

"What were they?" I hear you ask.....

1. Model for a day- I have always wanted to model for a day, whether it was just a face shot or a random shoot in a forest modelling jewellery (haha!) just so I can feel beautiful for one day and look at something in astonishment that its actually me.

2. Design a nail polish- Ever since I can remember I have been painting my nails! most of you guys have probably seen my countless NOTD posts and I'm constantly getting asked how my nails are so neat....its because I'm addicted to nail polish. I would love to design my own mini range, I already have to colours floating around in my mind, where they have been for the past few years.

3. Collaboration lipstick- My heads FOREVER conjuring up some kind of idea, and for a while now I have envisaged a bloggers collection of lipsticks. It makes sense! we know what you like, we know what you hate.... but how the heck would you go about doing something like this? Id definitely need a helping hand.

4. Jewellery designer- Ok this one stems right back to me sitting on my bed as a child ripping necklaces apart to create a new piece of jewellery I could call my own. Ever since I have always wanted to design something, even if its just a bracelet! 

From this day, I am going to research into trying to make at least one of these dreams happen. The most anyone can say is 'NO' which doesn't actually have the power to stop me from breathing...

If there's anyone out there that can make any of these things happen or just point me in the right direction, feel free to drop me an email.

In the meantime.... don't give up on your dreams, make them reality.

Is there anything you have always wanted to do....?



  1. No idea on the other stuff but you take awesome pics, why not submit them to a modeling agency just to get a bit of exposure, or maybe taking your blog or youtube to the next level. I particularly LOVE your style so.. I believe many others will as well. Good luck to you!

  2. @AshMonig- aww thank you, but in the modelling world 5'6 isnt tall enough : (

    1. You could probably be in an advertisement though...

  3. Hi first up I just wanted to say I love your blog! <3 Secondly and I'm not just saying this but I have ALWAYS wanted to have my own brand of hair extensions, eye lashes or makeup!! It would be such a dream!! Where would you even begin though? xxx

  4. You can design your own nail polish with 'Nails Inc.' you choose the packaging, the colour and even get to name it yourself :) I did a post about it if you wanted to check it out :)

  5. for modeling, you could always volunteer or get paid by student photographers at a nearby art school! This happens quite a lot where I live and I know people who do this for a bit of extra money, but this could also work? Maybe?

    I'm not sure about this, but I believe you can make your own lipstick and maybe nail polish? You can mix your own colors and then sell them on etsy!

    I make jewelry ALL THE TIME myself. It's super easy and fun. You should check out some DIY blogs for inspiration (I love Honestly WTF).

    I hope this helps! Love your blog. (:

  6. OMG!! I de for those nails

  7. The nails are funny and kinda look like Kim Kardashian in this picture

  8. I took a few cheap jewellery making classes and then there is always youtubes and blogs for help and inspiration. I think my dreams have evolved with age and circumstance, in a good way. I still believe anything is possible and everything you have listed is totally do-able. :-) x

  9. Love your sense of style...everything just looks fantabulous on you!!

  10. love this post :) good luck, i really hope you can find ways of achieving these things! let us know how you get on :)
    nicola xxx

  11. You can do ALL of these things. Just know that at 26, it's not to late and even if you were 66, it still wouldn't be too late. Anything you dream's possible--just look at all the people around you who had a dream and are achieving it either late or early in their lives! As long as your have breath in your lungs, you can do it!!!! Go fot it girl!

  12. i have a long necklace with a smart motto: don't dream your life, live your dreams!

  13. I wanna be a jewellery designer!

  14. The nails are so cute. :-) Love them! If you have 5'6 tall, it's a lot better than a lot of people already. I'm sure one day, you will have your dreams come true!

  15. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
    Following your blog. follower#3380

    hope you will visit & follow my blog.

  16. Well, you shouldn't be very upset. You are a wonderful beauty blogger! I have my own blogspot blog. Can you help me out?

  17. Very pretty look! That lip tint looks so nice & glossy!

  18. Amazing arm candy and nails!! would also love to design my own piece of jewellery too, that and a Lipstick line!! :)

    Check out my blog also, I'm a beauty junkie!! :)

    Kate xXx

  19. The first picture is amazing : so beautiful !!!

  20. Have you done the tutorial for these nails yet? This is SO gorgeous, I can't wait for the tutorial!

  21. Wow I love the idea of this post! And i've always wanted to model for a day, being my height (5ft 3) sucksss

  22. wow you look so beautiful!

    xoxo milla

  23. You can be a "petite" model at 5ft 6 I think - you should definitely pursue this one (as well as the others) coz you're gorgeous! :-)

  24. I love the thought of designing jewellery because I can never find what I'm looking for:)

  25. love the nails! :)

  26. Excellent "mustache" pattern on the nails. What kind of paint did you use? I find this color in this store Yves Rocher?

  27. Not that I'm out there living my dreams, but I wonder about yours.

    1. Model for a day.
    Well, go ahead. You didn't specify that you had to model for a huge company like Vogue magazine. There are so many up-and-coming photographers that are in need of models to expand their portfolios. You can find them at any Arts school, or even, lol, craigslist! With them, you don't have to be model height or model thin. They're looking for people who are willing to be patient with them as they experiment with different lights, textures, lens', and backgrounds!

    2&3. Design a lipstick and nail polish.
    I'm FAIRLY sure...that there are websites where you can "design your own" lipstick and nail polishes. I dont know much they'd be, but I DO know of the design your own lipstick using colors you already have.

    It's through Oprah. I never personally got to try it, but its worth a shot!

    4. I've also always wanted to design my own jewelry too. I always have an idea of a pair of earrings, or a necklace that I want and I can NEVER find it. I've always thought, "if only I could just make it myself!" Well, haven't gotten around to it, but I've done some research in my own area. There are A TON of jewelry design classes. There might be some in your area too. Look at local community colleges or art colleges. They often offer non-credit classes like jewelry design. They do cost money, but depending on what materials you want to use the prices do vary. Like, beading is obviously cheaper than creating and bending metals.

    Anyway, best of luck! Your dreams are SO within reach!

  28. You could definitely model!! could you check out my blog!
    im just getting started


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