4 July 2011

Spotlight Bargain

I have always lusted after Rimmels Spotlight Beige as I was an avid lover of Nude Delight, but I just never got round to picking it up until the other day.......

Let me set the scene.... I go into the £1 shop to pick up a device my friend was telling me about, it looks like a racket but the middle zaps flies *yay* (sorry fly lovers) I also picked up some fly and wasp spray (as you do) I mean leaving the back door open in this sunny weather is a danger in itself... flies, wasps *shudder* you need to be armed ladies!!!

Anyway whilst queuing up I spy a whole basket full of Rimmel lipsticks and to my shock it was Spotlight Beige for £1 *faints* I mean this still retails for £6.29 in Boots. I rummaged through to see if there were any other shades but there wasn't. I picked one up and went on my merry way. Thing is , now I'm wondering why the hell I didn't pick up 2 urghhhh ULTIMATE FAIL!!!

Does your local £1 shop harbour any treasures...??


  1. yes! some absolute gems of makeup in there xxx

  2. Can't wait to see it on you. Must have a rummage in my £1 store for treasures.

  3. thats gorgeous! i got one of these in rose passion, haven't seen this shade though :(

    I did also buy a couple on the fragrance direct site last month i think they were £1 or £2 on there and they had quite a few shades i did a post on them 2 -

  4. great bargain! will have to check my local £1 shop

  5. Wow, great find! Super pretty


  6. That is my favourite lippy colour. Loreal makes a version. I've been meaning to try out rimmel for the longest time. it's always on the more cost effective side here

    Bright Green Laces

  7. Gorgeous colour and what a bargain! I hear what you're saying about pesky files and totally agree, arghh! X

  8. lovely colour! i always find poundshops great for makeup & face/body products, good branded ones too!

  9. oo lucky! i get rimmel nail polishes from mine but it’s always a bit random, but i like that!

  10. i am definitely popping into my poundland tomorrow! and LOL my dad bought one of those rackets as well

  11. I absolutely adore Spotlight Beige, it's amazing and goes with anything :)

    Gem x

  12. the fake nails in the pound shop are really good :0 if you dont like them really long though its best if you cut them and file them :) theyre perfect then though and the glue is super strong!!!!

  13. confessionsofabritishbird12 July 2011 at 21:51

    Thats amazing! I love it when you go into a shop and find what you want cheaper but £1!! Awesome! ahaha, really love your blog, great tips and ideas. Especially the hair bun, I didn't have a clue how to use it! Thanks!
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