28 July 2011

If Its Messy Then You Should Have Put A Band On it....

As of late I have been giving my hair a major break, with the top knot being my go too hair style. Any hairstyle I hand do that doesn't involve heat is definitely my friend right now. Or if all fails whack in a headband.

I fell in love with this silky burnt orange one from Matalan (£5). When I saw it, it immediately caught my eye. It also came in a teal if I remember correctly.

EDIT: I have just come back from shopping and I have seen these headbands in Topshop and DP for more money.

 They also had sale in their jewellery section which is worth checking out. The double finger green ring is my fave and a steal at £1.



  1. Love this look. For me headbands are great when I'm having a bad hair day too lol. The jewellery is great and what a bargain!

  2. This is so pretty, you are gorgeous. I love that kind of rusty colour! xx

  3. that headband is gorgeous! and i love all the jewellrey too...might have to head down to matalan asap! :P xx

  4. I love it! I so want to get one!

  5. oh I love the headband! I have the same one from Matalan but I got it in Black but I will get the burnt orangeo ne now! I really like the golde earrings very vintage. Great style!

  6. I look like a complete melon in these type of headbands... very jelous that they look so nice on you!

    Im having a giveaway atm, feel free to check it out & enter :) xx

  7. I must track down that ring..

    The only thing about headbans is they tend to sit weirdly on my head!! I have an egg shaped head I swear!


  8. matalan's so good for getting things cheaper! i love the colour (:

  9. I wish I could pull off a headband like that! The rings are really cool. Obviously you have a great sense of style :)

    xxx Irinja (

  10. ooo flippty flop I just blogged about this headband and I got mine from Topshop and cost me £7.50! bloomin hell!!! ;) xx

  11. OMG, that headbands a complete bargin, for just £5. Ive been really into corals and orange colours lately. I guess im gonna head down to Matalan, hopefully they still got it in stock. :P


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