15 June 2011

John Frieda 3DS

I have the type of hair that nothing really works on, so when I find a product that does work I tend to add it to my mini train of products that could.

John Frieda 3 Day straight is a semi permanent styling spray that keeps hair straight for up to 3 days or until you next wash it. The reason I love this idea is because its cheap!!! I was never going to part with hundreds for a Brazilian blow dry for it not to work, resulting in me being left traumatised.

How you use it: Spray EVENLY through wet or towel dry hair. Blow dry hair and then straighten. It also protects your hair from heat so no need to load up your barnet with a concoction of products.

The product stays in your hair until you wash it out, so if you notice any waves or kinks over the following days, using your straighteners will reactivate the product and take you back to sleek avenue.

The first time I used it I was in shock. My hair was straight, soft and shiny. I didn't feel any sticky build up (which I was fearing) and I could still run my fingers through my hair, which is a definite must for me. But we all know when I road test a product once is not enough, oh no..... I used it a few more times with the same results. I tend to have to put some kind of heat to my hair daily to control it, but even on day 3 I still didn't have too.

I would definitely recommend this is you love your straight hair or even if your trying to give your hair a break from heat like me. Its well worth it, and at £6.99 you cant complain.

you can pick this up online or at your local drug stores.



  1. The only reason I havnt bought this yet is because i was worried it would feel eavy and sticky an weigh my hair down...but saying as you say it doesnt Im kinda leaning towards giving it a go :) x

  2. Must give this a try, thankyou! Take a look at my blog :)

  3. thanks for the review. i might have to try this when im in between keratin treatments. you might be interested in that post

  4. I bought this and was fount it really made my hair dull and harder to straighten then normally! My hair is super curly so maybe that had something to do with it, I'll be sticking to my usual straightening routine (which lasts for abour 3 days anyway!).

  5. I just saw this product today while I was shopping! Thanks for the review ;)
    would be honored if you visited ;)

  6. i dont have crazy curly hair, its just wavy but for some reason i just need to get my hands on this.. im a follower cause i love your blog, would love it if you could check mine out at

    love suzie xx

  7. I'm worried that if i use any thing that makes your hair straight will loosen my natural curl FOREVER LOL. I like my hair curly but not all the time. let me know if your hair curls back up naturally.

  8. @Celestial BeayFly it washes out so I doubt it will effect your natural curl.x


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