6 May 2011

M.A.C The C4 Mysteries....

Same shop, same foundation, different colour : /

I'm not to sure whats going down here.... I picked up my usual face and body in C4 but it wasn't until I got home that I noticed something wasn't right. My old one is much darker than the new one. In reality the comparison is much more gasp worthy. I doubt that its oxidised that much as I don't remember C4 being that light when I originally bought it.

 I mean MAC's not just around the corner for me to toddle back down there!!

I have emailed their customer service so hopefully I can get this sorted as I'm not the only one that has had this issue.

So word of warning ladies, check your face and bodies before you leave the store....


  1. Maybe the old one has oxidised over time which makes it become darker? (a common complaint with some foundations is that they become more orange over time). Especially if it's been kept out in sunlight every day


  2. @Lauren I doubt that much, when I first ever bought the origional C4 it wasnt that light.x

  3. lora_505 posted a twitpic on twitter earlier about her new mac f&b in c4 looking really light compared to her old bottle in c4. strange! x

  4. Thats so weird!! iv been meaning to try out this foundation for ages and you just reminded me!!lol
    Love your blog xx

  5. That's so strange then! good for you complaining to MAC though! They can't change formulas without telling people. xxx

  6. wow, that's such a large difference. I doubt oxidization could even make it change that much.

  7. Thats really strange, i hope you get it sorted as i plan on buying c4 soon. Hope they havent changed there colours without warning x

  8. This happens fairly regularly with more pricey foundations. If you look at the other numbers on the bottles, they are different. The batch numbers vary, and therefore the colours vary. For this reason I always have a little retest before I buy a foundation again, just incase that batch is slightly different.
    Hopefully you can fix this by layering a darker powder on top so you don't lose out on your money - i know thats a hassle but you know! Hopefully MAC will sort this discrepancy for you also!
    Sorry this happened to you, it is such a shame when it does!

  9. That is just STRANGE O____O' I hope it still works for you.. -hugs-

  10. That is so strange! Maybe just a wrong batch got through? Kind of a worry though! I really want to try this foundation, I wonder if it is similar to Chanel Vitalumiere aqua?

    Becca x

  11. that'd ridiculous, maybe they're changing the shade ranges :/

  12. Maybe they just really changed the colours. Here in Belgium they stopped selling the C1... x


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