13 April 2011

Can You See My Halo

Hey Ladies, once again sorry for the lack of posts. Theres so much crap going on at the moment and to top it off I have now got a cold combined with hay fever....Kill me now!

Also sorry for the mirror in mirror pic and the state of my messy room -_- until I get myself another camera and a tripod this is just the way the cookie will crumble.

Anyhoo onto the good stuff..... Can you see my Halo??? not my real one, I mean my hair extensions. I have had these now for about 11 weeks and they are still going strong. The ones I have are these ones HERE . They are 20" Remy human hair extensions (so can be heat styled) and are in the shade chocolate brown.

I got a full head in this pack which costs £59.99 and consists of 8 pieces. 4 pieces with one clip, 2 pieces with 3 clips and 2 pieces with 2 clips. This is more than enough for one persons head, most of the time I will only use 3 long wefts and 2 of the small clips.

So, I have had these for 11 weeks and I must say they are rather amazing. They add volume and length and the colour match for my hair is so perfect they are undetectable. When these first arrived, I was rather impressed. Being a hair extension virgin, I didn't know what to expect but the hair was really soft and thick.

I whacked them in without any issues, literally part your hair and clip them in. At first I was worried that one gust of wind would have me chasing pieces of hair down the high street, but when clipped in they are so secure you can tug on your hair and they wont budge.

I missed my long locks and I am happy to say that these give me the comfort that I need without looking fake.

I will definitely be purchasing my next lot in time for my friends wedding.

You can check out Halos site HERE

If I have missed anything feel free to leave any questions below.x


  1. you look drop dead gorgeous! and 59 dollars for REAL human hair is so inexpensive! great price.

  2. I'm looking for some hair extensions but I honestly can't justify spending that much on hair... :(
    I think I may just save up instead. You look gorgeous!

  3. I'm thinking of going lighter for the summer, and liking the colour you have, it suits you

    The extension look great as well, really need to get mine redone...x

  4. Your hair looks amazing. Im too lazy for extentions tho ..

  5. very nice your blog....
    follow me on if you want

  6. Absolutely LOVE your hair! It looks gorgeous!

    And I have allergies too : (

  7. I have one too and I love them!

  8. They sound great, amazing price too! Might just have to take a look of them :) xx


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