6 March 2011

7 days 7 posts 7 guest- Day 6

I've kindly been invited to blog on the wonderful 'Beauty and the Blog', and I have decided to do What I wore Last Night post as in this I thought I could include everything to hair, clothes, and make up .. so here it goes. Enjoy! 
Look of Last Night! 
It was my good friends Charlotte's 20th Birthday and the plan was we'd all head down to Shorditch/Brick lane for the evening, I wasnt too sure what to expect so I didn't really know what to wear that would be appropriate. 

What I wore.. 
I ended up going for my tribal jumpsuit which is so lovely to wear, it makes me feel so comfortable in myself and how I look. One of my major hates - is when you go out in something and your really not sure weather to wear it or whether it looks quite figure hugging on me, it just then makes me end up worrying all night, not good! Personally I think my sense of style is a little different, I know that I'm definitely the one to look different out of all my friends. I like to look unique and try out new styles and looks - and I think my tribal jumpsuit is definitely one of those. With my jumpsuit I wore a wore a little back boob tube underneath to make me a little warmer and I know its all ways colder in central London, also the jumpsuit itself is quite thin. I had my Topshop brown leather booty heels on which I can always rely on to be comfortable on a long night out.
Accessories I have hundreds off but I don't really get on to well with them, I try and wear them but after a while I get a little annoyed and just end up taking them off - so I normally don't bother. But this time I has just had one little accessories which I kind of created myself , one feathered earring which I had altered to make it more how I imagined it to be. Anyway just my luck I wear my new earring out and end up not coming home with it. sad times :( it must of feel out in the club, I was gutted I loved my little creation. I'm going to have to make another one. For a bag I just had my little side brown purse that went across my body, so I didn't have to worry about putting it down all night. 
Asos Jumpsuit, Topshop Shoes, H&M black tube

My face..
Collection 2000 - Natural Matte Foundation Natural Blonde
 - Mixed -
Maxfactor Age Renew Foundation- Warm Almond 
Virgin V - Honey One Step Face Base
Rimmel - Natural Bronzer
Blush Bourjois - Lillas D'or
The Body Shop- Dark Brow Kit 
Collection 2000 - Compressed powder (light colour for under my eyes)
Barry M - Kohl Pencil Black
Clinque - Coffee Shop Duo- Brown shade eye-shadow
Rimmel - Max Bold Curves Mascara
Rimmel - Lasting Finish Lipstick Pink Blush
My night time make up is so different to the day time. One there's so much more, Two there's darker colours, and Three I take ten times longer to put it all on :P

There doesn't look like a lot of make-up here, but once I had caked it on my face it did ;) 
Feathered earring, and My face after make-up

My Hair..
I didn't want to wear my hair down as it had been raining hardcore all day and I knew soon as I would go outside my hair would just turn to frizz! 
So i opted for the up-do look, with a back combed quiff.
To achieve this, I simply used..
Superdrugs - Dry Shampoo
Wella Silvikrin - Hair Spray Firm Hold
Garnier Fructis Style - Extreme Gel spray 
I back combed the top of my hair just in the middle by the roots, after I had back combed a section I would spray some hairspray to hold the combed hair up and in place so it wouldn't fall flat. After my hair was all back combed I simply pulled back all the hair into a tight pony tail making sure both sides of my hair were slicked back and tightly held. Once I had my hair in place I ran the comb gently over the back combed quiff to neaten and shape it a little. I then tied my hair in place and put a few pins in to hold a few areas that where sticking up down. And then continued spraying mounds and mounds of hairspray on top.
Personally I don't think I achieved a big enough quiff, as I would of liked. But by this time I was running out of time and had to hurry my getting ready process up. Next time I would back comb a lot more to achieve a higher raised area.
My hair
So that was me dressed and all made up, I had a fab night, Brick Lane was amazing! Hope you enjoyed reading
Beauty and the Blog said... Great post, you can see more of Kirsty HERE


  1. Jumpsuit looks great on you...x

  2. Great pics! I love a party recap that is all about the OUTFIT with tons of detail! Super fun!

  3. loved this post! never really seen a full diary of going out outfit/hair/makeup, you've inspired me!xx

  4. I love love love the jumpsuit

  5. I love this posting.. please visit my new blog if you have any times. blessing ^_^


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