25 January 2011

Smell My Finger.....

I just thought I would do a quick post to show you the newest addition to the Juicy Couture range. Its the Couture Couture solid perfume ring. Its also my first experience with a solid perfume so here we go....

What they say:
The ultimate Valentines gift for Juicy girls on the go. Slip this adjustable solid perfume ring
around your finger for at-whim perfume touchups.

The scent is a succulent blend of Natural Orange Flower, Star Jasmine, Blushed Plum and
Vanilla. Slide open the emblem gem and reveal your secret stash of Couture Couture to keep
your fragrance close at hand!

What I say: I was really shocked when I pulled the ring out of the box as it is really solid and quite heavy, not the flimsy ring I was expecting. Despite it being covered in bling, in reality its not in your face and Its complemented well by the vintage gold casing. I will definitely be wearing this ring on my birthday.

The scent is one I would wear, its somewhere between sweet and musky but its not too much of either (I'm so rubbish at describing things). The solid perfume inside the ring melts at the touch and blends into skin effortlessly. *smells hand* Mmmmm

If you want to get your hands on this ring its available nationwide from 1st February in Debenhams, Harrods, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Selfridges, The Perfume Shop and The Fragrance Shop.

OR you can just keep dropping obvious hints at your man, seen as its valentines day soon.

Couture Couture By Juicy Couture Rrp £35


  1. I have just blogged about this ring also :) I am in love with it! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you hun! & i will also definitely be getting a lot of wear out of it! Very happy to own it! xxx

  2. Does the smell last? I had a Lush solid perfume but I found the smell didn't last very long =0/ x

  3. @Karleigh its lasted a few hours so far, I shall tweet and update you later.x

    @daintydollymix ooh I shall check it out, I love it too.x

  4. Wow it looks great! the ring on it's own is gorgeous but to have the perfume inside is genius!
    Zoe x
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  5. Gorgeous, everyone seems to be getting thes. they are everywhere!!

    i want one so bad now :(

  6. Absollutely fantastic idea - great gift to receive for Valentines!

  7. hmmmm I might have to buy that. thats one of my fav perfumes.

  8. I need this ring in my life!

  9. Love the look of this and also love solid perfumes!

    Fee x

  10. Not sure how I'd feel about the perfume (although it does sound pretty decent to perfume-loathing me) but I do like the ring a lot!

  11. Hiya i love your blog please check out mine
    yaz x

  12. Wow ,the ring is so beautiful.I LOVE it very much.


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