9 December 2010

Its Cristmassss (well soon anyway)

Christmas is around the corner people, well 16 days away to be exact.....

Have I put my tree up...NO

Have I bought any presents...Umm NO

Ive got double the pressure because its my little girls birthday on the 22nd and I don't do the joint present thing, I have always thought that was a tad cruel.

I don't know whats wrong with me this year, last year I was all over Christmas like a moth to a flame, Presents were sorted by October.

Am I the only one that's a bit slow off the mark this year? I think I need to get my booty in check and head for the shops asap.

If you've come across any Christmas bargains or if you have any cute cost effective ideas for me, please (with a big fat cherry on top) leave them below.....



    Check it out!
    Ive just got the rest of my christmas shopping snuggled up in bed, my kind of bliss :)

    i hope you find some good bits!

    love & kisses xox

  2. Oh not putting the tree up isn't good! Maybe that's why you haven't bought any presents yet...because your not feeling festive enough!

    I've kind of bought 60% of mine...just leaving the presents for the ppl I'm not too keen on till the last minute, then panic buying!

    As for Christmas bargains...I've placed sooo many orders with ASOS this year as there Christmas gift 20% off sale is great...bought a lovely Bliss set for under £11!

    However I do have a sneaky extra 10% off code!
    But shh don't tell anyone ha
    it's - delayed15102 (works with sale items as well)

    Fee x

  3. I am so late with everything this year too... normally i have all my christmas shopping done before December but i only started it yesterday! x

  4. ooh thanks, will check that 4 sure.x

  5. I'm so behind too! I've done no Christmas shopping and none of my Christmas decorations are up either :( xo

  6. hi,im almost done with christmas shopping,
    there is a great website called,branded clothes etc at really low prices,ive ordered loads :)

  7. It sure is! Need to do some christmas shopping:)


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