18 December 2010

I want to try hair extensions.....

Over Christmas and new years I always want to do something different, or at least wake up on new years day feeling different.

I spotted this image in a hair mag (so exuse the massive light reflection at the top) a few days back and fell in love, I'm a sucker for loose messy curls. I love everything about this picture the makeup and the hair so I will definitely be re creating this look over new years if I decide to go out.
I could create this look on my own hair, but realistically when its the party season you want to go all out. In other words the bigger the hair the better.

I want my hair to stay voluminous minus the hair spray, so that's where your help comes in......

Can you recommend me some good quality clip in hair extensions???

And do any of you like to have a change for new years.....


  1. I used to just get mine from a little stall in the metrocentre. This is a totally unhelpful comment because you will probs not be going there and also they were not very good quality anyway.

    I am so tempted to get some again. I stopped wearing them because they were always frizzy and wouldnt curl properly. They were supposed to be real hair but I kind of doubt that.


  2. i got extenstions from love hair extensions

    You can get quite a big discount on them if you go to the sale section just because they are in the old packaging and they are great! I would just make sure you get enough as my hair is pretty thick and i should've got a few more!


  3. I got mine from our local market and they were fab. If you have a lot of hair though its worth paying a bit more and buy a set and a half. That way they blend in better with your own xx

  4. I recommend Foxy Locks Extensions - They're made out of real human hair, so you can curl or straighten them. They're very long (20"), thick and great quality. They are quite expensive, but worth it and can last for ages if taken care of properly. :)

  5. Hi...I got my clip in extensions from a black hair shop called Sade's next door to west croydon station. The brand is called LA trend, soft touch tangle free extensions. The lady who works there is really nice and matches the extensions to your hair colour. You live in London, the East London line will take you right there. or gmaps it.

    Hope i've helped...

    Nilufar xXx

  6. I got mine from

    They have loads to choose from, I got mine about a year and a half ago, but have only recently started using them a lot. They come in different lengths and shades, I can't remember what brand mines were though, but it's worth a browse. Mines were quite expensive, around £50/£60 but they're real hair, and are so lovely as well. I even dyed them and they're still absolutely gorgeous :)
    Hope this helps! x

  7. I bought my hair extensions from ebay about 4 years ago purely because i needed them for my prom up doo [i know- 'prom'-how cool am i?!] they were literally only about £20 for a half head of human hair and they're still going strong 4 years later. I don't use them daily only sometimes for nights out etc but i've styled them a lot and they've really held up. It was such a long time ago so i'm not sure of the seller and they may have gone up in price cause of popularity but ebay is defo a good place to look, especially if you're not sure whether they're for you and you want to experiment?x

  8. I LOVE my Salon Confidential clip-ins! They're synthetic though so you can't style them - but they do three different types; straight, loose curl or tighter curls. Worth having a look :) xx

  9. How Much Are The In Sade's???

  10. You can buy good hair and then make your own clip on extensions xx

  11. Have also heard fab things about I've got my eye on their clip in fringes (too much of a wimp to have real one cut in!!)

  12. Foxy locks extensions are brilliant! they are human hair and you get 160g so its really thick and they look amazing in. Ive got sum myself so i would definatly recommend them :)


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