23 December 2010

Fire Eyes.......

Hey girls I'm back with an eye look courtesy of MeMeMe Cosmetics.

MeMeMe have recently launched a number of quad and trio eye shadows for us to create the ultimate party looks aided by an easy step by step guide.....

For this look I will be using the fire quad and the eye sweep precision eye definer (liquid liner)

Left to right: Orange, Hot Pink, Rustic Red and Gold. I think the colours are really pretty and although they are subtle they have just the right amount of pigmentation to make a statement.

Oh and ladies if your like me and you only appreciate a true black liner I suggest you give this one a try, its so black!!!

Sadly as I'm not at home I'm without my make up brushes, but I'm not one to let something so minor stand in my way. Armed with my fingers, a cotton bud and my 4 step instructions I went to work.

Ant the finished look.....

Considering I used my fingers I was surprised at how lovely it looked, I cant wait to do it with a brush. The instructions are so simple there is no way you could go wrong.

MeMeMe Quads are priced at £6.50 , Trios are £5.50 and The liner £6.50
You can check out all the eye looks HERE where products are also available or you can head down to your local Superdrug store.

So what do you girlies think of my fire eyes?


  1. That look is amazing considering you done it with your fingers! Love the look of the eyeliner too! :) xxx

  2. I love it! The colours look lovely on you. My loreal eyeliners just ran out (not that I was too impressed with it anyway!) so I might try that one xx

  3. Wow that looks beautiful, something like this would take me hours to achieve haha x

  4. Very lovely! Couldn't tell you hadn't used brushes :) and your eyeliner is perfect! x

  5. wow it looks fab honey! I can't believe you used your fingers, lol might as well use the tools god gave us! loving the look of these sets, especially the eyeliner...I am an eyeliner junkie! :) may have to trot on down to superdrug & have a peek

    Aysh xoxo

  6. wow, that black liner is awesome.

  7. SO gorgeous! love all the colours you chose and the eyeliner looks fantastic :)

  8. Really pretty.. Your eyeliner is perfect, I'm so jealous of your lining skills!

  9. I love the eye look you have done! Perfect for summer I think!! :)

  10. These look great, very MAC. Your eyeliner is slick, wish I had this down!

  11. I can't believe you did that with your fingers! The colours are gorgeous xx

  12. Hey love the look! Glad to have a fellow makeup obsessor! Check out my blog too!

  13. Loving the colours girl
    where can you get these from

  14. Just awesome!!!

    I have tried what you have said in makeup tips and it really worked for me.
    Hope you give more tips on makeup tricks

    Thanks a lot!


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