14 October 2010

A Bit Of Aussie And Barry M

I've been on the hunt for a leave in conditioner for some time now.Last week a stumbled upon this one.

Aussie miracle hair insurance.Its got all type of oils in it to help protect your hair,and the smell is rather amazing,if I do say so myself.

Although it says to use this on towel dry hair,I personally like spritz my dry hair every night before I go to bed. When I wake up in the morning,im left with locks even disney would be proud of. Soft,shiney and smelling devine.

And for those days I cant be bothered to deal with my hair,I just spray some of this in.

Today I picked up the much talked about Barry M dusky mauve.I walked into my local superdrug,anf there was one left.Clearly it was meant to be.

Im really feeling this colour,especially the shot of purple you can see when you tilt your hand.

(Do exuse the cuticle oil lol)
I know my nail colour changes as frequently as the wind changes direction,I cant help it. I love nail polish and always will. Its one of my less expensive beauty addictions.

Both products are available a boots or superdrug
Barry m - £2.50
Aussie - under £4

Shop Aussie Here

Are any of you a lover of Aussie or Dusky mauve?
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  1. I'm a lovely of aussie and dusky mauve :) I really want this polish xx

  2. OMG I've been looking for that polish since I saw it appear on the Barry M site. Looks to be exactly what I was hoping Models Own Purple Grey was, going to keep my fingers crossed I can get a bottle for myself soon!!

    Kelly x

  3. Hi hun, i'm a lover of both Aussie and Barry M.

    In fact i'm doing a giveaway competition on my blog at the moment for a bhottle of Dusky Mauve x x x

    It is open until sunday if any of your lovely readers are interested x x

  4. I really want dusky mauve - it's beautiful! xx

  5. I love the leave in conditioner, makes my hair so soft and smells divine! x

  6. You've hit on 2 of my favourite things of the moment!! :D xx

  7. I'm a lover of Aussie! I really like the look of Dusky Mauve as well, I'll have to look out for it :)

  8. ohhh i really want dusky mauve! xxx

  9. My fave leave in conditioner, looove the smell ^_^

  10. I'm still desperately trying to get my hands on this polish, can't get hold of it in any of my local boots/superdrug stores :(

    I've been using the Aussie leave in conditioner for a few months and I love it, especially the smell xx

  11. Oh I'm addicted to that nail paint as well - just love the sheen of purple! I've been loving barry m recently, and I was completely unaware of how cheap but excellent their polishes were until a month ago!

  12. I absolutely love the Aussie Mega shampoo/conditioner for every day use.

    I dye my hair, but its in pretty good nick. I'd been using the Colour Mate shampoo but found it way too heavy for my hair, I'd wash it and within 24 hours it was lank and limp and just bleurgh.

    There's none of that with the Mega shampoo/conditioner and it smells bloody gorgeous!

    Might have to have a looksy at this leave in conditioner...I'm a sucker for hair products that smell good!


  13. I have that spray, totally agree with you it is amazing! It's like perfume for my hair!
    Loveee that polish, definitely on my list when I use up Mushroom!
    Great post girly!

  14. I recently discovered the wonders of Aussie! I had red highlights put in my hair that were fading out, however I used a sample of the colour mate and everyone was asking me the next day where I had my hair done from! So of course rushed out to grab a bottle! Love the look of the polish too, I want! :)


  15. I LOVE the polish. I bought it on Weds, wearing it now :) It's gorgeous xx

  16. im going to buy the dusky mauve tomorrow, iv head so much about it!x


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