12 October 2010

Bedcrumb designs for works with water

If you like the purse (Id call it a make up bag) above, then keep reading.

The people at works with water have teamed up with a young boutique fashion brand, which go by the name of Bedcrumb.

Heidi Cannon,the owner of Bedcrumb has designed this limited edition piece exclusively for works with water.

For those of you that may use help:clear skin, this is an added bonus,because from today this is a free gift with each sale of a months supply.

If you like cute qwirky designs,this is definitely for you.Its a really good quality bag for all your girlie bits.The material is thick and its also fully lined.

Check out for more info

And for girlie delights.I have already seen a few things I need from this site,one being the 'kissy lips' pocket mirror!

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. omg, bedcrumb has some AMAZING stuff! heidi's artwork is so gorgeous. i'll definitely purchase some items when i can!

  2. Very cute, love it. Def going to check out the site.

  3. Oh I like this bag! But I've had at least 2 months' supply of Help Clear Skin previously and I don't feel it's helped me at all :(


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