7 September 2010


Hi all,sorry for the disappearing act.I was actually thinking of packing blogging in for good,but after a little break im feeling much better.

So onto the subject in hand,TRESemmé instant refresh (dry shampoo)

Theres two different kinds you can get your mitts on.The standard dry shampoo which claims to remove oil and boost body,Or the waterless foam.

First up: Dry shampoo.
I just want to say MOVE over batiste because you haven't got nothing on this.

I have used batiste in the past to freshen my locks between washes,loving the volume it gave at the time,but hating how it made my hair feel over the following days.It would feel like there was some kind of residue in my root area just tangling my hair together as time went on.
With this spray theres no residue and I still get the volume I craved.It didnt dry out my hair,and because the spray is clear,theres no more dreaded white hair.

All round I would definitely recommend this.Especially if deep down you hate Batiste,but never had an option.

Next: Waterless foam

Yes,thats right foam! At first I was a tad dubious too,after playing about with it thats all gone out the window.

Aimed at people that may have slightly dryer locks,this claims to remove oil from the roots and moisturise your lengths.I am happy to say it does do what it says.The first time I used this,I tested it on my ends and was pleasantly surprised,especially at the shine it left behind.

Not one to use if your in a rush I must say,as you do need to blast your hair with a hairdryer, to get rid of the slight dampness this leaves behind.

Once you have done that,theres no faulting the result.My hair was left soft, refreshed,and there was no residue build up either.

I forgot to add,I have an extremely sensitive scalp,and neither of these irritated it in any way.

Although I was sent these, I will definitely repurchase these myself when this batch runs out.My opinion is ALWAYS honest.

Both products retail around the £5 mark.This gets you 150ml of waterless foam and 200ml of dry shampoo.

What are your thoughts on dry shampoo,do you have a favourite?
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  1. Ooh these sound great , i will have to try them. I dont use dry shampoo very often but it can be a lifesaver if i over lay in the mornings. Glad you not quitting xx

  2. i am so on them! batiste is definitely one of those products for me that i've never loved as much as everyone else. Having dark hair i always get grey/white patches, and the smell of the tropical one makes me want to vom! xx

  3. Ooo I may have to give this a try :)

  4. I really like the Scandalous dry shampoo from Superdrug for the scent, but i'm going to try out the foam one when i'm out.

  5. glad to hear you liked it :)

    personally, both were a disappointment to me. the foam b/c it really isn't catered to my hair type (note to self: read labels thoroughly) and the spray because it didn't give me enough volume, didn't "un-scent" my hair, and it didn't make my roots look less oily. alas, it seems i will continue to be on the lookout for a good dry shampoo.

    glad to hear you're going to keep blogging :)


  6. The waterless foam one looks and sounds fab! It's definitely something I'll be trying soon :)

  7. I have never used dry shampoo, but i've heard a lot about it. I may have to give it a try =)

  8. This sounds interesting!! Thanks for the review! ;)

  9. i tryed the spray shampoo and itwas aweful!
    it stuck to my hair and i felt like i hadent even washed my hair!
    Klorene is a better dry shampoo
    this one i was to throw oout the window!

  10. @anon oh no,not everythings for everyone


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