14 September 2010


I have had my ego dryer for close to a year now,no doubt the people that sent it my way would like to beat me round the head with it....

This isnt your usual hairdryer,they call it a sunny dryer because instead of it blowing your hair all over the place,it uses gentle heat to penetrate the hair from the inside out,rather than just scorching the outside.

This has a 2000 watt motor,3 heat settings,2 speed settings and a cool shot.

I wasnt using a particular special dryer before this one,just a standard one purchased from a high street hair shop that was nearing 9 years old!

When I first used this I did notice that it dried my hair a hell of a lot quicker than anything I had used before.My hair wasnt left looking frazzled and frizzy either.

On my quest to grow out my hair,having this in my life is definitely worth it.Having the dryer pointed at my head for a reduced amount of time,means less heat which means less damage.Anything that keeps my hair healthy gets the thumbs up from me.

This is available from salons across the country as well as Selfridges and Harrods
RRP £109.99

It is pricey,but if your looking for a professional piece of kit,its worth it in the long run.It also comes with a 2 year warranty.

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  1. Wow! That is one hefty price tag for a hair drier, if it doesn't do anything *that* differently..?
    Well apart from drying the hair a bit quicker.
    I'd love a mega super fabby hair drier, but all the one I've tried, do the same thing really :-(


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