13 September 2010

Bargain Bits

The other day whilst in superdrug I picked up a couple of things I never usually buy.

Collection 2000's 16 hour wear concealer and a lipstick from the MUA range.

First up is the lippie in shade 11.I ended up buying this because it was the first time I had played with the MUA range,and after swatching away like a kid in a candy store,I liked this colour the best.

Im not sure how to describe the colour,but you can make up your own mind from the swatch above.

You can see the moisture in this lipstick and suprisingly it lasts.I say suprisingly,because it only cost £1

Next up,concealer...

Iv never wear concealer,but after seeing so many reviews on this,I had to pick it up.(never know when you may need it)

Above there are 2 swatches.On the left a solid swipe, and next to it,blended out.

I hope you can see the blended out swatch,as its the reason I fell in love with this.As well as concealing,it also brightens.

I think this costed about £3-4

Im actually loving these two things at the moment.

Whats your favourite bargain?? do share...

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  1. I bought that concealor yesterday. Its really nice :)Hmm. I got a stila bronzer for £3 from tjhughes a couple of weeks ago, suppose thats a bargain :) Great Post xx

  2. awesome the eye shadow color looks cute <3


  3. @vdcouture lol theres no eyeshadow,just lipstick and concealer

  4. I have this concealer too, might have to pick up the lipstick too, it's a really pretty colour!

    My beauty bargain is Sudocrem (has really helped my blemishes) and the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection foundation. That stuff is AMAZING!

  5. Oh the concealer is my all time favourite!

  6. The colour of that lipstick is gorgeous! I really want to try some MUA products, especially as they're so cheap so if I don't like them then I wouldn't have wasted much money!

  7. the lipstick looks pretty! it's a bit of a nude + pink to me.

    as for my fave bargain, it's probably revlon/rimmel nail polishes for $4.99 (approx. £3). nowhere near as bargain sounding as your £1 lipstick though :p

  8. my fave bargain is rimmels eye kohls, love them and really cheap.

    and avon nail polishes, cheap and cute colours x

  9. I'm so jealous! I want to get these but it isn't sold here!!

  10. I really like the color of this lipstick! I hope you'll post a picture wearing this! :)

  11. Lovely colour of the lipstick. Im following you, would love if you follow me back :)


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