3 July 2010

Vitamin C Radiance Powder Mix - 10 Day Challenge

So last week I attended the Body Shop event (post to follow)
Whilst there,we were introduced to the new items in the vitamin c range.The main product that stood out to me was the vitamin c radiance powder mix.

What it says "Get from A to B with vitamin C.Designed to work with a daily skin care regime and awaken your natural radiance,which modern life often takes out.

The range includes our favourite skin smoothing ingredients that we buy from expert community trade suppliers round the world,helping them to support their families and communities.

Plus there's Amazonian camu camu,one of the fruits with the highest content of natural vitamin C.

Once mixed with the serum,this is meant to give you improved skin tone and texture and a look of natural radiance in just 10 days.

I am currently on day 8.I have been using it day and night as instructed,and I must say im liking what I see.

The formula smells so zesty and isnt greasy at all,which I must say I was rather surprised by.

My skin is definately looking more radiant if I do say so myself.I have 2 days left before I reach the 10 day goal,and im not sure if much else can happen.

This product is really good if you think your skin needs a boost and is lacking radiance.It has definately made a visible difference to my skin.And in the words of my princess "your skin is glowing mum" ,thats good enough for me

Its not in stores yet,but will be soon,so keep your eyes peeled.

RRP £12.00

And also,make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the body shop petition.Help stop sex trafficking of children and young people,it only takes a signature.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the sun.x


  1. wow, nice, i never knew the body shop had this product ...seems really awesome, vitamin c is great for the day 8 nice, i wonder how its gonna be on day 10, i'd love to know about it

  2. Hi ya, can I ask you to tell me the ingrediants in the serum only I cant find it online and Im curious.


  3. @Beauty Begins: are you following me on twitter by any chance,it would be easier to twit pic it to ya.xx

  4. I am a recent bodyshop convert and will definately be giving this product a go...
    check out my review of their footcare range at

  5. I haven't used my one of this yet because I'm trying to finish a certain toner up first.

    Did you find that it was just enough for 10 days or were you able to use it for longer?


  6. @Rhamnousia: iv still got some left and the ten days has passed,it took me some time to realise a little goes a long way.Literally 3 droplets on each cheek and a couple on the forehead will do it.Let me know what you think of it when u start.xx


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