8 June 2010

Duping Dior

So I saw this crazy bargain on another blog a few months back.For the life of me I cant remember who it was,but I will find out and I will link them,because credit is due. EDIT:It was beautylicious love.

I have always been a fan of Dior perfumes,my favourites being miss dior cherie and addict.But when they run out im not about to hit the shops to casually part with £40.I need dupes,that I can spray until my hearts content,without worrying about the cost.

I previously used soap and glory's body mists,a lovey dupe for dior cherie.But now theres something new in town.

That lovely bottle up top is called Diamonds,and its available from next (yes next) for the lovely price of £6.

When I smelt the tester I was overly excited.If this was in a dior cherie bottle,I wouldnt be able to tell the difference.

To make it even better,its an eau de perfume,so the scent will last and linger for quite some time.

I had to share this,because its definately worth checking out.

Have any of you tried this yet,or could you recomend any other bargain dupes I should check out?


  1. Ooo ill deffo have to have alook at this! I love the smell of the dior ones & can't resist a bargin lol


  2. thanks for the heads up! x

  3. Was it on Beautylicious love? I know she introduced me to it, not sure if she was the discoverer!
    I love this scent, can't tell it between Miss Dior.

  4. Hmm I read about this dupe on another blog too. I'll check it out, if I remember to!

  5. I think i read this somewhere but i didn't really look at it properly...
    definately going to be getting my mits on one of these :)

  6. How ironic... I have literally just stumbled across your blog and surprised to see myself mentioned in your latest post! haha. Obviously Ive hit follow hunny and Im gunna make a brew, get comfy and have a good read through your blog... love finding new ones!


  7. @..R May A..: let me know if you do,its worth it.x

  8. @Jo: haha how weird,thanks for following

  9. aaah, my friend has a bottle of this in her drawer at work, the label has come off it, and she's never known where it's from. we always have a cheeky wee scoosh before going out straight from work, and now you've solved our mystery, whoop!!thankyou :)

    ps - new follower, hello! :) xx

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  10. @girlinthecity: haha ;-) and thanks for following.xx

  11. My aunt got my this for Christmas and I never knew it was a dupe for MDC until bloggers started talking about it recently. I love this perfume and people compliment me on it quite a lot :)


  12. @Hello Barbie: I love it,ur aunts got a good nose,lol.xx

  13. I think this perfume worth giving a try. Thanks for the share! :)
    -pheromone cologne


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