17 May 2010

Edible Lip Balm-Crazy Rumours

So first off,Im loving the names of these,They are called Crazy Rumours,its not just something I made up on a whim.

These lip balms are natural,organic and vegan friendly.So I knew some of you would be interested in seeing them.

Available from super which is HERE with a price tag of £3.45 the name isnt the only thing going for these.

In the email I was sent,I was told these are so natural they I could eat them if I liked.Being the type of person I am,you cant put these sort of ideas in my head and expect me not to test the theory.

OK,so I didn't eat any of them,but I licked the life out of one : S and im still alive.

I was sent 3 different flavours, there's only 2 pictured as I have given one to my mum to review(see im branching out lol)

I was sent the following flavours :Pink Grapefruit Juice from the fresh squeezed range,Plum and peppermint from the candy cane range and French Vanilla from their coffee inspired range.

First off,let me just stress,when I say that these taste exactly of the flavour on the packaging,I really do mean it,hence why I handed the coffee one over to my mum haha!

Seriously,fans of coffee this balm is for you when you cant get hold of a cup,the taste of it actually lingers in your mouth too.

Same with the other two flavours,I carry the grapefruit juice one around with me in my bag,so it gets the most use.It smells so sweet and tastes so good.

My opinion:
With the balms containing ingredients such as sheer butter,vitamin E and Jojoba oil they are very moisturising.Once applied lips almost look like your wearing a clear gloss,so its not your usual matt finish balm.The moisture does last,but I find myself reapplying purely for the flavour.I haven't had any problems with my lips since using these,but I do have an annoying dry patch that im hoping these can shift.

Mums opinion:She didn't really like the taste of the coffee one,as she isn't a firm lover of coffee,but said people who like coffee would probably love it.She didn't really say much else lol,that is why im the blogger in the family.

They also sent me a Burt Bees pomegranate lip balm as a gift,how kind.I have never tried Burt Bees before,im usually a carmex girl.

This actually leaves a sheer tint on my lips.At the moment it sits in my make up box and I put it on before I start my make up,so my lips are nice and soft by the time I have finished.And if any of you are Burt Bees lovers,super smoocher have the cheapest online prices.

Wow I cant believe I just typed so much about lip balm -__-

As usual,all opinions and thoughts on these products are my own,I wasn't bribed with chocolate to talk it up or anything.

Oh,I promise to post the cupcake recipes tonight,so look alive people.x



  1. I love the Crazy Rumours lip balms, I got a couple of them on a few years back :)

    I will deffo check out the website where you got em.


  2. Burt's Bees makes amazing lip balms!!! I swear by them :)

  3. Oh the crazy rumours lip balms sound really good, might get me some!

    Enter My Giveaway!

  4. I like the sound of the grapefruit one, might just have to buy one for myself :) x

  5. I need to try these! Look lovely xx


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