10 May 2010

147-Peachy Pink

Well its not that peachy for me.After seeing this Barry M lippie on a few blogs I fell in love with the colour and simply had to get my hands on it.I went to boots and swatched away,still liking what I saw,I parted with my cash,all the while thinking I couldn't wait to get home and whack it on my lips.

This lipstick hates me,and if it had a voice im sure it would tell me so.I haven't even bothered to include a picture of me and what it looks like on because that's how vile it looked on me.

It didnt go with my skin tone and it gave my lips the illusion of a trout pout.

This lipstick is the same consistency of the famous 101.Its very drying.So theres me thinking,just maybe if I apply a gloss over the top I will be fine.How wrong was I.It just emphasised the weird trout pout look.

I am so unhappy as I really liked this colour but clearly it isnt going to work for me.I wish I had stuck with the rimmel one I picked up now.Its always the way isnt it.



  1. It looks nice, that's the deceiving thing. Who's it by?

  2. Feel exactly the same, its a gorgeous colour, but my lips look awful when i try this and your right its the same drying formula as 101!! xx

  3. Ohh but it looks so pretty! thats crap! :(


  4. I've wanted this for a while! It's a shame you don't like it!
    I HATE not being able to try highstreet products on your lips, I have got home plenty of times to find things look awful!

  5. Awww, such a shame, it looks like a gorgeous color! This is what happens to me with most pinks, as I have a very dark skin color. xoxo

  6. Oh thats a shame, i havent tried that one but have heard it is supposed to be a bit on the dry side :( the other pink ones i found were quite moisturising though- so strange!

  7. Try to use it as a blush, it looks nice :) xx


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