29 March 2010

Parissa Update

Hey ladies sorry for the lack of posting,the internet has been playing up majorly, annoying!!!!

So anyhoo at the weekend I took the plunge and used the sugar hair removal system(here)
did it go well I hear you cry.well yes indeedy.

I really liked this system,and surprisingly it didnt hurt at all.I popped it in the microwve for 20sec and away I went.Oh and for those that may not have a microwave,you can heat it under a reading lamp.

The product went on nice and smooth an didn't tug my skin.The only area that bothered me slightly was my ankle area,and thats only because there is no meat there what so ever lol.
Aside from that,doing the rest of my leg was fine.

My legs didnt turn the usual pink that they would have if I had waxed,because this product only takes your hair,NOT a layer of your skin with it.My legs were left really soft and smooth.Its a couple days on now and the smoothness is still going strong.I will definitely be purchasing this,so much better than waxing.I was tempted to epilate a while back but I think im going to stick with this for a bit.

have any of you ever tried a sugar hair removal system?



  1. I have used sugar wax before but never for my legs! I think I may give it a go!

  2. Ooh I am a big Parissa fan. I have post to write up on them actually. I haven't tried this product before and as it seems pain free I will definitely have to try it! =) x

  3. ooo I may have to try this- have v. sensitive skin and normal waxing and epilating irritates it so much. This may be my answer- Thanks! x

  4. i haven't tried Parissa, but i have tried other wax/depilatory cream systems. let's just say they either didn't work or left my legs with dark spots that are still there almost 10 years later.

    then again, my hair is coarse and thick (and stubborn) so i have a feeling only a professional can deal with it. *sadface*


  5. Ooo I might have to try this. I have an epilator and though I have a pretty high pain tolerance (I wax without any trouble) epilating kills me! I think it's the hair by hair, pins and needles effect I hate!

  6. I have only used sugaring kits for home eyebrow waxing. I have tried for my legs but it didn't work well at all for me. Didn't take all my hair and though it said I could use the same strip multiple times, it didn't stick at all the 2nd time. I would have to go through a whole tub or more if I wanted my legs done, so I didn't think that was a good idea. My hair on my legs is fine and sparse so I am good with shaving.


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