24 March 2010

Maybelline Superstay 24H Foundation

I have now seen the add for this foundation a few times and from what I have experienced with maybelline in the past,I am really eager to try it.


What they say :

Why you'll love it

Our new foundation stays flawless.
Beyond any stretch of the imagination.
- It moves flexibly with your skin
- It stays flawless all day
- It resists heat, humidity, sweat, transfer, touch, LIFE!

Our Flex technology stretches and flexes with your skin. Stays looking flawless and feels light all day.

It’s the do-it-all through-it-all 24-hour makeup

I really am stopping myself from running out to buy this for the pure fact I dont need any foundations at the moment.But nothings going to stop little old me from being curious.Its £6.99 in boots at the moment.You know what, screw it .I know im going to end up buying it.

Have any of you tried this yet or are you planning too?

If so you have to let me know how you get on with it.



  1. i was soooo tempted to get it from superdrug the other day but resisted because i'd just bought the revlon photo ready...

    would love to see a review if you do get it!

  2. Ive nearly bought this twice lol once in Boots & once in Superdrug but I have soo many foundations I need to use up first so Im going to wait, though I cant wait to try it because I really like Maybellines foundations :)

  3. i'm def gonna try this, im in desperate need of a foundation that lasts longer than 6 hours:( and thats with powder! xx

  4. The fact it says it last 24hrs completly sold it 2 me but then i read some reveiws on make up ally that didnt really rate it hightly, i am still tempted though :) xXx

  5. I bought this today and it is sooooo good !!!
    Its really nice, Ive had it on all day and its stayed put & has a really good coverage, Makes my skin look amazing ! a little does go a long way, I needed like less than two pumps of it, I had a really bad break out on my forhead and its completley just hid it !! didnt even need to use a conceler ! I highly reccomend this even though ive had it less than a day ! && its only £6.99 in boots currently and you also get a £2 voucher for revlon & loreal :) xx

  6. Ive just did a post about this on my blog if you want to check it out..


  7. Umm I want to try this now, I only bought Revlon one the other day though :/ x

  8. did you ever end up getting this? i did and was really disappointed :( so disappointed i started a blog so everyone could know that it wasn't worth it


  9. @shivvy

    I didnt end up getting it,still on my bottle of rimmel foundation,I have heard some bad reviews about this one so im glad I never picked it up now

  10. I bought it about 2 weeks ago and I can honestly say Ive never been more disappointed in a Maybelline product! Usually their products are great but the superstay 24hr is not worth the money. It doesnt last 24 hrs, nowhere close, and it most definately DOES transfer onto your clothes as I found out to my annoyance. I tried using it with different skin primers and with setting powder but to no avail, it still rubbed off onto my clothes and wore off after just a few hours. As far as coverage goes, this foundation is only suited to people who dont actually NEED foundation, as it covers zilch. It also dries extremely fast so you have to frantically blend it in or you end up patchy. All in all a total waste of money!


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