19 March 2010

Im Addicted To You

So I was forced to sort some things out by the visiting mum.Then I realised how much nail polish I actually have.And this isnt even all of it.My friends have always told me to stop buying,and lining most of the bottles up in front of my face has made me realise
(I cant believe im going to say this)

But maybe its time I stopped buying

I think Its safe to say I have an addition.Surely im not an addict if not one colour is the same.Or is this still not justifiable

I know im not alone,so heres a few pictures........

So who else is in the nail polish crew?



  1. LOL I'm with you a million percent I did a post a while ago I have sooo many nail polishes

  2. what does it matter if my book case has one whole shelf devoted to my nail varnish collection? ;) xxx

    (tragic really, i must own about 5 same tone of red.)

  3. All such lovely colours, but hey, if you like 'em, have 'em :) xxx

  4. Me! I've got 82 colours, plus french kits, top coats and base coats, maintenance polishes etc, not to mention the nail art stuffs. You have a lot of polishes lovely, but they look so good. Nothing wrong with a huge collection :) x

  5. My god you could set up shop. Ahhhh but what a gorgeous collection. Embrace it and use those babies hunni

  6. I think I hear a blog sale coming. ;)

  7. @Everyone LOL

    @legseleven,you know im going to be painting my nails every other day now haha

    @ashwini lol I dont think I could part with them

  8. Im the same! I think im going to check my collection haha! XO

  9. :) Have put a link to your blog on mine - you're one of my daily reads! Peace & Love x

  10. that is quite an insane amount of nail polish haha hurry up and wax your legs already!! XDD

  11. Collection 2000 brilliant range.....rarely chips...I am a golden oldie....and my poor nails have been abused over the years.....oldie tip.....put clear nail varnish as an undercoat...will prevent nails from dis-colouring...especially if you like dark colours....( AJ )


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