1 March 2010

Bring Me Sunshine

Just thought I would do a quick post to show you some sunnies I picked up from primarni,sorry the lightings rather cack,not sure what's up with that.But if you enlarge the images you can see them as clear as day

Click all images to enlarge

The ones below were £1,yep,you did read correctly

The ones with the gold drop down frames are my favourites,they look so nice on.So nice in fact,I picked them up in 2 different colours. And they definitely look like they costed me more than £2

I love my big sun glasses.Now all I need is some sun.Is there anyone out there that can provide that for me??



  1. Yay you done the sig!! :) X

  2. lol,yh i had to put it in there rather than do the html thing,where it came up looked funny coz of the widget i already have under my posts,lol but i got there.x

  3. It was really sunny today :) oh god, spring time is just around t'corner! xx

  4. where are the first from? I just ordered some from in blue and they look just like those :)

  5. @neesha they were £2 from primark

  6. ahah come to Sardinia (Italy) and you can have all the sun you want these days!

    Love the glasses! They're just my kind!!! However I would be a bit concerned of the lenses (my eyes are sensitive so primark glasses would not be good for me)

  7. @lydia,I wishI could : (

    the lenses are 100% uv protected,I think theres a standard on what places are allowed to sell these days,no matter how cheap they are.x


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