30 March 2010


A while back,Im talking way over a month now,I was sent two products from Aveeno to try out.A daily moisturising lotion and a hand cream.Sadly the hand cream could not be with us, as my mums nicked it,And I have since discovered she keeps it in her car.Here are a few words from mummy to help explain her actions,LOL
(shes so going to cuss me for writing that )
Its a nice hand cream.It absorbs into the skin really quickly and doesn't leave me with greasy hands.It has no scent though (insert sad face)My hands feel soft after using it.Thanks for the words mum

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Onto the daily lotion,I have been using this on my legs,on and off for over a month now.On because Im being a good girl and sticking to my moisturising routine,and off because Im just being plain lazy.Its a nice moisturiser,My skin does feel really soft,I need a moisturiser that does exactly that.My skin cant hack being dry.If it is,I start getting those tiny bumps on the backs of my arm or legs,and I cant stand them whatever they are......

The only thing I disliked about this product was the slight after scent it left on my skin,It is a fragrance free ,so its clearly all the natural ingredients I can smell.I want to say its an oaty smell,but frankly im rubbish at describing things.The scent isnt over powering,but im only used to fresh fruity scents or no scent at all,Im just extra fussy.Aside from that theres nothing much I can really say,It does do exactly what it says on the packaging

Has anyone else tried Aveeno?



  1. I love Aveeno, it's been my moisturizer of choice for years now!


  2. i've tried their lotions and like you said, there is a hint of a "natural" scent that i'm not too fond of.

    it did moisturize well, but not so well that i felt i had to keep using it. i've found other lotions/body butters that moisturize just as well but have a more pleasant smell.


  3. Aveeno is usually soybased, can you tell me if this one also has soy? I could use a good moisturizer but I'm allergic.

  4. i use aveeno for my daily lotion's guh-reat!!!

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  5. @JESSU i just checked the ingredients,it doesnt say anything about soy.x

  6. i never heard about aveno, hopefully i can find this product in jakarta.. wish me luck and thank you for your recommendation dear.
    yudia aiiu


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