11 February 2010

NYC Blush Colour wheel

So ive been giving this N.Y.C colour wheel ( in pink cheek glow), a whirl for the past few weeks,and id thought id share it with you.Frankly because its cheap at £3.99 and at the moment(I just discovered) in superdrug if you buy any N.Y.C product you get free lashes...Happy days

So heres what the colour wheel looks like...

And close up.....
As you can see theres loads of different pinky tones in there to give ur cheeks a natural flush of colour.In the swatch below,iv caked it on my hand so you can get a better idea of what it looks like.

In reality the colour is very sheer and natural,one swirl does it for me,I havnt tried to build it because Iv always gone for the natural dewy look.It isnt drying on the skin but it dsnt last all day.What I would say though is that the lighter shades make nice highlighters.

Being its so cold outside I try to stick with things that dont dry out my skin.Im actually on the hunt for a nice cream blush if anyone's got any recommendations.All of my blushers at the moment are powder ones, and they just dont fit in with my winter skin routine.I was going to order a few colour sticks from e.l.f but there all sold out
: (

So im still on the hunt,so like I said,if you can recommend anything,please do.

: )


  1. i loooove mac cream blushes! but as with liquid foundation if you don't have the right brush to use it looks cack XDD

    what're the freee eyelashes like??

    Em xx

  2. I have just tried the Maybelline Bouncy blush from the drugstore and I really like it. It is kind of creamy/satin powder. I have dry skin ... especially in the winter and this has worked well for me.



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