21 February 2010

NOTD:Purple Rain

Feeling like ive completely ignored my nails for the past week,I sat down and finally decided on a colour to paint them.The colour is purple rain by Models own.I bought this and a few others when they had their 50% sale,and Im so glad that I did.Its such a nice deep purply blue colour,the picture dsnt even do it justice,even though I tried to take it near a lamp.I applied two coats and I was ready to go....

Im loving models own at the moment,the colours are really nice.Another colour I bought was one called red n black,and it really is red with a hint of black,never seen anything like it before,cant wait to get that on my can check out models own HERE, Wait until your done reading though because you cant right click my blog,I need to work out a way to just protect my photos,so it doesn't affect the rest of my page : S

Until then,happy reading

; )


  1. I love purple nails especially when it's so dark it's nearly black. It looks mysterious, hehe

  2. me too,they go with everything as well.xx

  3. Lovely color! I'm also a fan of ModelsOwn nail polishes and I've reviewed some of them =D Thanks for your review! ^_^

  4. oooh thats gorgeous
    i really like it,
    i really love ModelsOwn packaging

    love, Elizaaa x

  5. I'm really intrigued to see red n black - it must just be a black with a red duo chrome to it?

    I really like Models Own polishes, I've also reviewed a few and been really pleased with them.

  6. Would love to see an NOTD with the red and black :) x

  7. I couldn't take a decent picture of this so in the end I gave up. It as so hard to try and capture the niceness of it! xx

  8. Thats why I did it near the lamp after numerous fails lol,it is hard to capture its niceness


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