25 February 2010

Killing Me Softly

Right, so at this moment in time im feeling rather motivated to tone up and maybe drop a few pounds(so I say whist munching on a cookie),not too much,maybe something like 9lb any more and il look ill and that's not even the look im trying to achieve.

So anyway,once I get into excersise I seem to go into healthy mode,Until one day Im so tired I end up thinking,meh!!! il do my workout tomorrow,then it throws me off and everything goes down hill from there,sad times

But not this time,oh no.Some of you may have seen me tweeting about fitness dvd's the other day,eventually I settled on one which had rather good reviews.....

Hannah Waterman's body blitz was what I went for.For two reasons,This dvd had really good reviews with people seeing quick results,and a 10min workout on this dvd is equivalent to an hour aerobics,which is great for lazy bitches like me.What I hear you say,surely that cant be,umm well after I did one 20 min section yesterday im not even going to argue that statement.After 10 min the men on the dvd were dripping in sweat so you could imagine what I was like LOL.

The reason why:The DVD is based on the latest scientific research of interval training.which is short bursts of intense exercise followed by a rest.Studies have shown it burns fat 4-5 times faster than jogging,so you don't need to do as much.WOO HOO

The dvd has four 20 min sections.Cardio blitz,Box blitz,Tone blitz Extra abs and cool down.The only section iv completed at the moment is Cardio blitz,and half way through I was sure I was ready to pass out.Iv jogged in past as well as doing the gym thing and I have never felt tired after 20min of excersise.Never have I ever been left so sweaty and out of breath.Im not the fittest person in the world,but it takes a lot to get me feeling like I want to sit down,this dvd did that and more.Hannah Waterman aint playing......

I got mine online from HMV for £12.99 with free delivery,but you can probably pick it up from anywhere.

Are any of you on a fitness trip at the moment
: )


  1. Yeah me! I'm trying to eat well and I just started a jogging programe. I have a few dvds too. This one sounds great! xx

  2. my god yes! starting tomorrow haha because ive just munch on about 7 pieces of chocolate! gonna try and blog about my weight loss journey...hoping it will inspire me to keep at it but a little scared hehe x

  3. I sill think Hannah Waterman looks awful now - she has lost far too much weight

  4. @ Louise LOL,she does,but im more bothered about what I look like.x

    @joanna @victoria we can keep each other going lol.x

  5. LOL I agree 100% if it worked for her :)


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