14 December 2009

My Daily Skincare Routine

So ive been slacking terribly on my blog lately-Fail

I really must get back into the swing of things,so today I thought Id do a daily skincare routine,Its very basic,but it keeps my skin in good condition

So in the morning I wash my face with neutrogena face wash,It has tiny little exfoliation beads in it which lightly exfoliate the skin,leaving it soft and smooth.Sometimes I lightly apply this using my exfoliation gloves,for that little bit extra clean feeling

I will then cram my face with Johnson baby lotion,Usually I would use my boots cream with an spf 15,but it does nothing for the moisture in my skin,so I have averted back to old ways
Onto the second part of my routine.When the day is done and its time for me to chillax and take off my makeup,I will use once again Johnsons 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes,no speacial reason other than im just lazy.I will usually use 3 wipes,one to remove mascara,one to wipe my face and then a third just to ensure everything is all gone and my face is squeaky clean

And finally,some of you may think im crazy,but before I hit the soft warm cosy place which is bed,I will apply baby oil all over my face-doesnt that leave you greasy,I hear you ask lol,Actually when I wake up in the morning it leaves me quite the opposite.No greasiness,just really soft skin
So that is my daily skin care routine,Its nothing special,The products are all cheap,and this little routine works for me

: )



  1. those wipes make me face SO soft, its crazy! :)

  2. Wow, you seem to love johnsons!!
    I love neutrogena, have you tried the two in one wash and mask? its amazing!

  3. @tabitha lol yeah I love johnsons,no I havnt tried the 2 in one mask yet,I was looking at it the other day,Might go and pick it up now : )

  4. I've been wanting to try the baby oil for makeup removal but I do get scared to do it as I am acne prone. What skin type are you?

  5. @ aswini I dont use it for removal,I use it on my face after I have removed all of my makeuP-because its winter I class my skin as normal to dry because I like to get as much moisture in there as possible-I never get oily,but one night you should give it a go,I use baby oil because its gentle on the skin,hope this helps

  6. I use babylotion under my eyes because i get eczma under in winter and it leaves them lush and soft. Its amazing stuff.

    Laura jaye xox


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