26 March 2018

The B Word

"Ok so this for me has has nothing to do with the signs of ageing, but more to do with the signs of childhood....oh yes you read correctly."

Ever since I can remember, my brother and I used to think it was fun to constantly raise our brows at each other to see who could achieve the most wrinkly forehead....why!? I mean he also stuck blue tac up my nose for the crack so I don't really have it in me to question much. In hindsight my brother tried to ruin me from a young age, good job god was watching and he unfortunately caught the Gordon Ramsey end of the stick! But I still could see the mild line that risky little game caused. To be honest it never really bothered me until I put makeup on and it looked like my skin was parting like the red Sea, I just wasn't here for it and although everyone down to the practitioner couldn't really see what I was on about, I could see! I lived my whole teenage years with my hair in a tight pony to diminish that line! Come to think of it.... that probably didn't do me any favours either, I was clearly all over the place. 

Long story short I did some research about Botox, but I couldn't bring myself to take the plunge because I didn't want to be frozen. I then discovered Dr Jules Nabet of Omniya Knightsbridge. Dr Jules uses the pen method to inject Botox. The pen dispenses set amounts so you are left looking natural, you can still move your face and wiggle your brows, but the whole wrinkle thing is at Bay.

Upon arrival to Omniya you are required to fill out a form, once that's done you're good to go. I was literally in and out in 5 minutes if that! I was so shocked at how fast the procedure itself was. I was asked by Dr Jules what my issue was, and I pointed out my tiny little line and explained although it's not entirely visible after a few hours in my favourite foundation it is. He explained that I would only need the tiniest amount, and that it would definitely help smooth the area. I stressed that I would still like to be expressive ....even though 99.9% off the time it's RBF, and he assured me this was more than possible.

He measured me up and once I laid back I did wonder what I'd gotten myself into, I also thought about that one time Kim k had Botox and reacted badly...come on you know what I'm talking about ha! Anyway by the time I could think of what I was having for lunch I was done! The pain level was basically a zero which is a plus for those who don't really like needles. Botox administered with the pen method minimises pain and does are 100% accurate so there's no way you could accidentally get a little more than what you asked for. 

As my dose was so small there wasn't really any after care, other than to not exercise excessively, and not to massage the area for 24 hours. I did read up on if there was anything I could do to reap even more benefits, and apparently raising your brows helps things sink in even ironic that I was still playing the same risky little game that got me here.

All in all my first experience was great My line has been smoothed, I can still move my face but when I raise my brows the lines are at bay.

My appointment was In January and things are still looking great so I'll definitely keep you updated.

Treatment carried out by Dr Jules
Omniya, Knightsbridge
Contact - 0207 584 4777


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