24 May 2017

Summer Essentials

With Summer around the corner...well at least we pray! I like to hope that I'm not the only one who gets in a fluster over what ill be sporting in the sunshine. Over the years I've become your typical fashion snob and my go too colour has always been black. Whilst I do seem to seek a weird comfort in wrapping my body from head to toe in the colour of my soul, over the years it has lead me down bland avenue. Whilst black can be sleek it can also be boring, and if you're anything like myself amping things up to look fashionable can often result in looking like you just tried too hard. 

Lately I've been drawn to different fabrics, textures and dare I say it...COLOUR! for me, simple elements like this orange clutch, adds that something extra to an outfit whilst still keeping the look clean and simple. 


Ditch the black denim for blue denim, it may sound simple but by doing this, any outfit becomes more summer friendly. Whether its a denim jacket, or perhaps some ripped jean, these are some of my favourites.
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When in doubt, chuck on a bodysuit! I have so many of these and honestly I can not get enough of them. There are many styles from casual to sexy vixen, basically whatever the occasion you are covered. Team them with jeans to look casual,  or a wide leg trouser to feel a little more sleek. Below are some of my favourites.
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When it starts to get chilly cover up's are your best friends, whether its an oversized shirt, a relaxed fit blazer, or even the must have kimono. There's something out there for everyone. Below are some of my favourites.
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So there you have it, this is my mini round up of fashion basics to keep you going through the summer moths. Next in this mini series I shall cover accessories and must have shoes.

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