13 August 2015

No Frizz Zone | Nicky Lazou

Gone are the days where I have to worry about the dreaded 'F' word...FRIZZ! I have battled for many years and with many products, to be able to wear my hair in its natural state, each time just seemed to equate to a massive fail.

[Insert Nicky Lazou] You know her right!? the balayage queen that turned my locks into something the sun would admire. One thing I love about Nicky, is that she is all about hair care, treatments and loving your hair. I cant even count the amount of times I've messaged her moaning about my frizzy hair, or snap chatted her pictures of my afro.

I paid Nicky a visit earlier this week and she decided to drench my locks in a magic treatment cocktail, that she had put together herself. I spent the remainder of the day in a cute top knot, whilst I allowed the concoction to work its magic. I slept with the treatment in my hair over night, and like a child at Christmas, I was far to excited to see what the morning would bring.

[Wednesday] I woke up, whipped my hair out of the top knot, and washed my hair as usual.. It felt stronger and looked super shiny, but the the test for me was, what would happen once It had dried. Armed with my hairdryer, I blasted away, only to be nothing but shocked by what I was seeing. My curls were soft, bouncy and defined, and there was no frizz! I mean you only have to click here to see how frizzy my hair was, compare to how it looks now. My battle is finally over, and I can finally leave my hair in its natural state.

I recommend Nicky to everyone, shes not "just a hairdresser", she is much more. Whether you want her signature balayage, or your hair requires some TLC, you will never leave her disappointed.

You can check out Nicky's work Here

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  1. omg your hair is amazing!! insanely jealous!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  2. You look stunning! I follow her ever since you recommended her after your first balayage :) She is indeed incredible, too bad I live so far away.

  3. your hair is SOOOO everything!!!! Love it whether black or blonde

  4. I am so curious which magic ingredient she has used... You and your hair look so stunning! Love from hamburg/germany..

    Finja xx


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