27 July 2015


LOB = Long Bob

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that the one thing I love playing with is my hair, I get bored so easily so a quick hair change keeps me feeling fresh. I recently posted a pic on snapchat of my natural hair after gym...basically a  boob length bush, that can not withstand humidity. I was on my way out to my friends birthday that evening, so I thought screw it! I threw in my Bleuribbon hair
and lopped it off into this long bob style.


First off Im no hairdresser, hence why I opted to cut my extensions over my own hair, just encase something went terribly wrong. I didn't even use hair scissors! I used my trusty ABH brow scissors as they are small and super sharp. 

1.First thing I did was part my hair down the centre, bringing both sides forward.
2. Decided on the length I wanted, gathered the hair together, and cut straight across (just a tad bit longer than I actually wanted)
3. I then took smaller sections and cut into the hair, until I reached my desired length, as oppose to straight across. This makes it less blunt and adds some texture.
4. For layers I took pieced from around my face, and lightly feathered them at a diagonal angle.

Once I had finished, I added a touch of hairspray, and voila!

Like previously stated, Im no hairdresser, so If you plan on trying this, be it at your own risk.

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  1. Your hair is GORGEOUS! I love the lob (I have one too haha!), a huge trend this summer. I'm also very experimental with my hair. It's nice you can create such different looks just by changing your haircut, -colour or style.
    Nice job!
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    Maybe we could affiliate? <3

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  2. You did an amazing job, I wouldn't have even recognized the difference if it had been done by a professional hairdresser! GORGEOUS!


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