28 February 2015


I saw NUDESTIX floating around Instagram for a few weeks and wondered what they were, so when Look Fantastic sent me one, I could finally put my wondering to rest. 

NUDESTIX  are a simple collection of easy to use makeup crayons, that cover all bases from lips eyes and skin. The idea behind them is too keep makeup looking fresh and natural without covering up your natural beauty. So basically enough colour to go nude....but better.

Your NUDESTIX will arrive in a matte black tin, and a mirror that fills the inside of the lid, so applying your makeup on the go need not be an issue. There is also enough space in the tin to carry any other bits and bobs you may wish to chuck in.

I have the Matte lip pen in shade "Bare". The lip pens provide two performance liquid formulations which consist of matte and gloss. The creamy matte formula provides staining power for a just kissed pout, and the hydra boost lip gloss provides the ultimate lip cushion to leave your lips looking and feeling plump, whilst locking in colour and shine.

This lip pen is right up my street, the colour is the typical "Kylie Jenner" lip shade, but despite It being matte, lips remain soft and kissable. I love the cooling sensation this gives my lips too and that feeling doesn't seem to fade after a few seconds like most lip products. It just seems to perfect my pout, leaving my lips smooth and line free. I am actually going to explore the lip range further as a few other shades have caught my eye.

This range could be amazing for someone who's new to makeup, or for anyone like myself that just craves a good nude!

NUDESTX retail at £24 and can be found here.  



  1. So you can do foundation with one of those? Is it a bigger brush? Looks like it would take forever

    1. No, this is a lip product. Their skin range includes concealer and cheek colours. I have linked it within the post, so you can see the full range.

  2. in love with the colour 0.0 looks like such a cute and good quality lip pencil xo
    Would love if you could comment back please xx

  3. Love the idea of these, always looking for things that have a natural finish!

  4. Oh my goodness why have I noot seen these they look amazing!

  5. This looks like a really lovely product and I love the shade! NudeStix is not a brand I've ever tried, but they are definitely intriguing.

  6. I love it when the product comes out of the brush like this :) looks like a great product

  7. I've been wanting to try these out for a while now! LOVE the colour of this, may have to order myself one!

  8. I really love the idea of these. I struggle finding a good nude lip colour because my lips are really pigmented but I have fair skin. Maybe this is the perfect brand for me.

    The Crown Wings


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