10 July 2014

John Frieda Lightening Spray | Hair

So if you follow me on Insta you would notice that my quest in becoming a blondy is very much complete. After much researching on youtube of colours and application techniques I am finally happy with the beachy blonde tone I have been left with, and this little spray Is part of the reason why.

Many of you may know that I went blonde myself, I researched it for weeks and watched plenty of videos until I felt confident to go forth in my adventure...and an adventure It was!

After much colouring I was content, but after a few weeks I was craving to go lighter and I just knew there had to be a way round dying my hair all over again...and there was!

I popped Into Boots and picked up the John Frieda lightening spay after watching videos and reading great reviews. As soon as I got home there was no wasting time! I washed my hair, sprayed this all over, combed it through, then finished it all off with a blow dry and a tong.

This spray Is actually heat activated, so the more heat...the lighter the hair. After first use I noticed my hair was brighter, I have now used the spray 4 times and I am pleased to report back that I am more than happy with my results so far, I'm the perfect Khloe Kardash blonde, which was what I was aiming for.

I have read some reviews where people have said that this spray has ruined their hair or left It dry, I personally feel that, that may be down to excessive use, and not treating the hair before or in between uses. After wouldn't bleach your locks and then lace It with heat without conditioning it first!

My overall opinion Is that I love It, Its keeping my blonde blonde, as well as the brassiness at bay and I'm just itching to see what my hair looks like after a few more uses.

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  1. It really sounds amazing...I also love to take risks....:)

  2. Thanks for sharing this product.

  3. I wish I knew about this back when I was bleaching my hair! my hair was super damaged from bleaching it at home so I had to cut it all off ): oh well in a few months it will grow back out so I can ruin it again, haha!

    Krissy |

  4. I also used this product! I have mid toned blonde hair and for me, this turned my hair really quite yellow! I'm glad it worked for you :) would love to see some pics!! x

  5. I've tried it in the past and my hair was really blonde! My natural hair colour is dark brown, so my expectations weren't very high (normally this product isn't recommanded for brown haired girls, but I'm a bit stubborn).The disadvantage I've experienced is that my hair was dry in the end. The hairdresser said I had to use hair masks to keep it healthy. So that's a tip for you ;)

    isa |

  6. I actually tried this spray but it did absolutely nothing to my hair, it only dried my ends. But after trying the Schultz Brightening Lotion my hair definitely went lighter so my search for a lightening product has ended!

  7. I'd love to try a lightening spray like this, especially to keep brassiness at bay like you mentioned! Deffos worth looking after your hair in between uses like you're doing, although that wouldn't mean any changes in my routine as I love hair masks and conditioning treatments anyway!
    Nicola x (@itsneecola)

  8. Is there any product like this for brunettes? Because I'm guessing it doesn't work as well for natural dark hair? :s


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