23 February 2014

Silk Epil 7 | Epilating

I hear the word epilate and I Instantly think tweezers yanking hair out of my legs, and In hindsight that Is what It Is...but as technology has moved forward, the process of epilating has become somewhat of a comforting pain. 

The Skin Spa Silk Epil 7 Is the first epilator I have ever tried, and Im not sure I would ever need to switch. Considering I'm a newbie, there's so many extra features In this mini device to keep the experience as comfortable as possible. The feature I love the most Is that It can be used In the bath or shower, and we all know that when our pores are open, things become a lot less painful. I also love the exfoliation brush attachment which stimulates and regenerates the skins surface. You can check out a full list of features HERE

I have only used this a handful of times, with the pain getting better with each use, and If I'm honest Its not so bad. My legs are hair free and feeling softer with each use.

This device Is said to be better than wax on short hairs, and better than manual exfoliaton! so maybe those smooth silky legs I'm constantly envying on TV aren't a dream after all.

Are any of you fans of Epilating?



  1. I've recently used an epilator for the first time too! its odd after a while it isnt really painful you just get used to it!


  2. Never tried one but always considered it between waxing visits, still not sure if I could take the pain though! :0)

    Katy xxx

  3. I really want to try an epilator but I keep thinking it'll hurt too much so I won't use it and it'll be a waste of money. I was tempted by the No No! one but I read a lot of rubbish reviews on amazon. I am tempted by this one though. I think they showed this on This morning... this morning :-)

  4. I am all for epilators. I just love them. They are so convenient and affordable. I have yet to try this model of Braun's epilators though!

  5. Get an epilator!!! Trust me, it's saved me so much time and it doesn't hurt that much! You get used to it, it will make your life so much easier.. I cant believe I went so long shaving!

    So to answer your question.. Definitely a fan of epilating! :)


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