4 January 2014

Whiter Teeth | Smile Bright

Hey guys! I'm forever posting discounts codes for this kit on Instagram, so I thought It may be worthwhile to share a mini review for you, that way If you have any questions you can leave them below.

So basically a while back now I was searching for a teeth whitening kit that wouldn't give my sensitive any trouble as well as giving me quick results. I'm not a tea or coffee drinker so my teeth have always been white but just not white enough for my liking. I had seen this kit on Instagram previous to me receiving It, as well as the results It gave. So when Smile Bright reached out to me I was more than happy to trial the kit as I had already done my research..

Originally the kit took a while to arrive, but now they have changed their system so that orders should arrive In 10 days and you are able to track them which Is an added bonus. The kit arrives in a clear pouch which contains your whitening gel, LED light and teeth whitening chart (so that you can monitor how white your chops are getting). 

The kit Is also dead simple to use! simply whack a spaghetti width strip of gel in the mouth guard, pop It In your mouth, pop the light In too and your done. They recommend that you do 2 30min sessions back to back when you first use the kit for 3 days. I followed this and after first use I was so happy with the results, now I just do a half hr session once a week or If I have a special occasion to go too. If you click HERE you can see my results. This trial has fast become a new love, I have had mine since summer and I still have loads of gel left to use whenever I see fit.

As I said previously, my teeth are sensitive and I can hand on heart say that I have not had any problems. My teeth have remained white, but like I said I don't really Indulge In things that would stain them. All In all I love this kit, but be warned you can get a bit dribbly when you first have It In your mouth haha! but now I have used It a few times I'm ok.

If anyone Is interested In the kit, especially now that the new year has kicked In, It Is available from HERE the original price Is $99 but If you use the code SMILE54  It will take the kit down to $25.

If anyone has any questions feel free to leave them below, until then happy whitening.




  1. Thank you, this is so helpful! I have really sensitive teeth and have wanted to try a kit like this for so long. I've always been a bit sceptical, but for $25 it is definitely worth a try xx

  2. wow such an amazing discount! i've been looking for a teeth whitener that doesn't cause sensitivity for so long now, thanks! :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  3. My teeth are misaligned - will this conform to various positions? The price is good. Last time I whitened my teeth, the containers cost over $200, and whitener cost over $100. But the effect lasted a few years.

  4. Such a great discount - tempted!

    Georgina at

  5. I'd love to have my teeth whitened! $25 is so good :)
    alicekatex ♥

  6. omg i've been searching for a good teeth whitening kit, i can't wait to try this!! thank you for the post :)

  7. I have been looking for whitening solution; however I wonder if it is harmless.

  8. That looks really good! I have been using the Crest whitening strips but find these are a more gradual treatment.
    How long will this offer be running for?
    Thank you for the discount code x

  9. That's a great deal. And you definitely have a great result. I am tempted to try since I am not fond of commercial whitening. I wonder if Smile Bright will be effective and gentle for me. Do they also deliver internationally or just London? I only settle for whitening toothpaste or baking soda before

  10. That one looks good. I am confused about which option to take for getting my tooth whitened. There are these whitening strips, whitening trays, whitening toothpaste and the cosmetic treatment to whiten your teeth. Each one I ask gives a different opinion about what to use so I am very confused about what to do. Your review has made me think about the kit. Thanks for the review once again.


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