28 February 2013

Peaceful Opposition - Orly Hope& Freedom Fest

This is one of the beautiful polishes from Orlys latest collection Hope & Freedom Fest, I must admit I am not usually a fan of polishes that contain glitter, but the subtle tone and nude base has me falling head over heels for this polish. 

I have this on for a few days now and I my nails haven't taken a trip down chip valley just yet and when I do, Its definitely going to be a remove and reapply job. The only way I could sum up this polish is with two words that shouldn't be able to mesh...subtle and statement.

You can find the polish HERE


13 February 2013


Hey uys, just thought I would share with you a few things I have purchased lately...enjoy!


12 February 2013

Maximum Cleavage With Wonderbra

So I ummed and arred for a good hr deciding whether or not to post pictures up of the effect of these bras, then I thought If I made them black and white It would be ok because it would look less in your face....turns out black and white just makes things look even more sexed up! fail!!! Either way we all flick through catalogues and we have all seen a woman in a bra, so If you don't like boobage then you can just look away, but for the rest of you ladies that are probably already thinking that you need these bras....I shall continue....

Just like Goldilocks for me, my lady lumps are just right...not too big and not too small, but from time to time you might want to knock em dead with the power of the boobs. I used to think Wonderbra was called Wonderbra because when you took it off you wondered where your boobs had gone, but these bras will have you wondering why you didn't own one sooner.

The top bra is called the Ultimate plunge-Perfect under low cut tops or plunging necklines. Deep plunging bra with unique hand technology for improved roundness and famous Wonderbra cleavage. Comes with snakeskin lace overlay, contrast trim and multiway straps.

No you did not read wrongly...this bra has hands in it that has definitely given me the famous wonderbra cleavage as you can see for yourself. You cant feel the hands at all, the only thing I felt was blinking sexy! I think you will all agree. This bra can be found HERE 

The second bra is The Full Effect-Wonderbra's best cleavage enhancer to date. Full effect combines super lightweight gel and air within fan-shaped padding to naturally enhance your bust from every angle, boosting you by up to two cup sizes. Features lace cups, multiway straps and satin trims.

There's only one word for my cleavage when I wear this bra...and that is INSANE! You know it has to be good when you keep looking down and stroking your own chest. It definitely boosted my cup 2 sizes without a doubt and made my cleavage enviously perfect. This bra can be found HERE

If you are looking for a bra to boost your assets I would definitely check these out, and if your not into padding the one with the hands is the way to go....

Valentines day is around the corner ladies, for those of you coupled up and for those of you that are not, you will definitely have two new friends to keep you company.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and nobody is offended by me merely demonstrating the after effects of these bras, you can never say I'm not dedicated to blogging...the things I do ey!!!

Until next time....

Missy Row Jewellery

So a while ago I was sent some bits from the lovely ladies at Missy Row, I haven't had a chance to sit down and compile a post until now, but I have been posting pictures of their bits on Instagram, and seen as you all went crazy on the hand chain above, I thought it was time I clicked publish on my post.

A few of my favourite pieces were the head chain, the bohemian feathered ear cuff and the hand chain. If you are into your hand made jewellery they are definitely worth checking out. You can also shop by trend which makes things a hell of a lot easier. Their Love Rock collection has some pieces to die for!!!

I cant wait until the summer nights when I can rock the head chain with a flowing bohemian maxi....seriously!!! bring on the sunshine!!!

You can find Missy Row HERE   and be sure to check out their Instagram @missyrowjewellery for regular updates.
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