20 June 2013


London – Come rain or shine the festival season is a hive of hot hair trends, summer styles and standout shades. From candy coloured icecream hues to fiercely fashionable looks, Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL has all bases covered. From a subtle change to a bold all-out transformation, LIVE Color XXLis a range of statement hair colours offering the most vibrant and covetable shades around.

With the festival season about to kick off, our thoughts turn to wellies and cool bands but the most important question is what look are you going to be rocking this summer?! Many of the fashion-forward celebs have been spotted donning one of the hottest trends of the moment, pastels! To create a less intense candy floss pink, baby blue or flawless lilac result, carefully mix a pea-sized amount of your preferred LIVE Color XXL Ultra Brights colour crème with your usual conditioner - available in six striking shades Shocking Pink, Purple Punk and Electric Blue – as well as Raspberry Rebel, Pillar Box Red and Fiery Copper. Ensure Ultra Brights is applied to pre-lightened hair for the brightest colour result; we recommendusing LIVE Color XXL Absolute Platinum, LIVE Color XXL Ice Blonde or LIVE Color XXL Max Blonde; Max Blonde allows you to lighten natural hair by up to 8 shades – it’s the blondest home-hair colour shade there is.

The festival elite have mastered the dip dye hair trend to a tee. This is the perfect summer look, guaranteed to be a headliner in the festival fashion stakes. Whether you’re ready to go all out with a bold blue hue or fancy adding a vibrant red to the ends of your hair, LIVE Color XXL allows you to follow today’s trends for effortless, quick and changeable looks; giving you incredible, irresistible colour.  This style can be easily achieved at home with a little LIVE Color XXL know-how.
·      Begin by separating the hair into four sections, front to back.
·      Decide where you would like your colour to be applied – working on average two-thirds of the way down your hair. Then tie an elastic band around this point on each individual section to secure.
·      Squeeze your chosen hair colour directly into gloved hands and apply below the band to each of the tied sections.
·      Massage the colour through your hair so that each strand is completelycovered from the elastic band down to the tip. Blend the colour at the elastic band so you aren’t left with a straight line of colour. The technique should blend your chosen shades together so that they appear to melt into one another.
·      Leave the colour to develop for the recommended amount of time advised on the instruction leaflet and then rinse.

Consider this a twist on the dip dye trend; the two-tone, rainbow bright ombre look is the ultimate festival style for ‘dye-hard’ fans. Opt for dark to light graduation, so your deepest shade should be applied to your root, with your lightest shade on the ends. The technique should blend your chosen shades together so that they appear to melt into one another:
·      Using gloved hands, apply the colour and conditioner mixture to your roots through to the mid-lengths of the hair. Leave to develop for 1 minute and then rinse.
·      Next, squeeze the colour crème directly from the tube into your hands and apply from the mid-lengths through the ends. Overlap the two colour mixtures slightly so that the shades blend together.
·      Leave the colour to develop for the recommended amount of time advised on the instruction leaflet and then rinse.

Fashionistas who want to ensure they shine at this summer’s festivals should opt for an all over colour block in a stand-out shade. The LIVE Color XXL rangepenetrates deep into the hair for maximum colour intensity and brilliant shine. To achieve this look:
·      Make sure you have carried out an allergy alert test 48hrs in advanceand a strand test to check the potential results before you colour.
·      Follow the instructions in-pack and mix the colourant
·      Next divide your hair into four sections along a centre parting and from ear to ear. Begin with the back left section and apply the colour mixture to the hair. Repeat for each section from roots to tip ensuring complete and even coverage. Leave to develop for the recommended time.
·      Next, rinse with lukewarm water and then apply the LIVE Color Conditioner into damp hair and leave for 2 minutes.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL (From £5.49) is available from Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Savers, Wilkinson, Bodycare and Independent Chemists nationwide


  1. I wish the Schwarzkopt colors were as good as they profess to be. I used "raspberry rebel" on bleached hair, and it barely showed up, and has taken 6-7 weeks to wash out properly. I'm STILL finding the odd red strand, maddening! Hopefully people have better luck with the other colors. I've also used the blonde colors to lighten my hair, and they definitely turn you ginger. *sad face*

    Jayde xo

  2. I loved Jessie J's pink dip dye!But unfortunately, I've never had pink hair dye come out that bright, even after bleaching... :/

  3. This post is making want to dye my hair right now!!! I've been meaning to do a blue/teal ombre' for months now but just haven't got round to it....guess that's about to change :-)


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