12 April 2012

Faux Lita I Love You....

Some of you may have seen my post on the studded Jeffrey Campbell Litas about a month ago. I craved them and needed them in my life, yet my gruelling search of the interwebs still left me crying into my pillow at night. I gave up and realised I may just have to accept I will never find a pair to crown my feet with... sad times : (


When leaving Stratfield I decided to pop into Linzi shoes and at the corner of my eyes I spied these beauts! I tried them on immediately and fell in love, but then the stress kicked in and I had to make the decision of getting them in suede or leather....... 30 min later I decided on the leather and my friend that was with me had also fell in love and decided to pick up the suede. At £50 these were definitely a steal and make any outfit look amazing. I have searched the Linzi site and I cant see them on there but I did get a message from my friend earlier saying she found some on ebay.

I haven't worn them out yet, I must admit I'm scared to encase I drop but then if I do, at least ill be dropping in style!

11 April 2012


WOW it feels like a bloody eternity since I picked up my camera and snapped away to create a blog post for you guys, and in this time iv taken off I notice Ive peeked over 3,000 followers, so thank you guys for still supporting me even though I was MIA!

So a lot has been going on and a lot has been purchased in the time I vanished so I wasn't too sure what to blog about, but a text from my matey swiftly prompted me to hurry up and blog about KIKO 

*Drake motto comes on the radio* do excuse me whilst I shake a leg in my room!

Aaaannnnnd I'm back! So back onto the important subject of KIKO, a brand I knew nothing of until my lovely Eleni  raved about it then dragged me there. If you've been to Stratford Westfield or 'Stratfield' as I like to call it, you may have come across this lovely shop or you may have bi-passed it and mistaken it for cheap cack. If you were one of those people that noticed KIKO and carried on walking, more fool you! you should actually hang your head in shame right!

When my friend first snapped some pics of her purchases from KIKO and sent them over to me, I actually thought that she had just gone on a mas Mac spree, when she informed me she hadn't, I knew I had to find my booty to this shop. From my point of view it is very Mac like down to the packaging, but its all well and good looking pretty on the outside, what's the pricing and quality saying.....

Well, I didn't go too wild in there being it my first time, but I sure did good. I picked up 3 nail polishes which were £3.90 each , a red lip pencil which was £4.20 and a full coverage concealer which was £5.90.

NAIL POLISH : First off I would just like to say this place is nail polish HEAVEN!!! They have every shade of every colour, for example lets talk about the blue section.... there was about 30 different blues! the one I picked up is AMAZING in reality, these pictures do nothing for it. The quality of the polish is also very good, 1-2 coats and your good to go. I had my polish on for about a week before I had the chip factor.

LIP PENCIL : I picked this up in a red shade seen as I have been bravely sporting bright red lips a lot lately, I love the colour so much I just apply the whole thing to my lips and go. The staying power is actually quite amazing, it doesn't budge for a few hours, even after scoffing a whole packet of Oreos to yourself! It comes off a teeny bit when you drink but I noticed even when it has gone, it still leaves behind a cherry tint.

CONCEALER : I picked this up in full coverage and to be honest I wasn't expecting much from it, it looked nice and felt really creamy but seen as I have never had much luck with concealer so I kept my hopes low. Morning arrived I swept this under one eye and was quite surprised, my shadows were gone and my under eyes didn't look like a cakey mess. Ok so it looked good, what about the staying power! In a nut shell I applied this today at 11.30am I've been out all day, its now 7.20pm and its still there... need I say more.

So if I haven't already sold you, you need to head down to KIKO and if you cant be bothered to shake a leg check out their site HERE ! I forgot to add for all you eyeshadow junkies their collection is amazing and sooooo pigmented its a joke.

I think I need to schedule another visit for some lipsticks!
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