15 February 2012

Lusting For Lita

I was tempted to post this picture followed by the words "That is all" but I need you guys help.

Obviously iv seen the JC Litas everywhere, but never have I seen a pair soooo pretty. I need them in my life but I cant seem to find these ones anywhere. If anyone can help me, please do!

I want the black sued with spikes....

Sexual shoe rating: 10/10 ohhh yeahhhh 

13 February 2012

New Nail Collections

Its about that time of year when you sit down in front of all your nail polishes pondering on what colour to sport next. As winter slowly fades ( and I mean SLOWLY) as a nail polish addict I desperately seek new shades of colours I already own haha!

Thanks to Models owns new Freshen Up collection and MeMeMe Chic mini collection, I can safely say I'm covered in the nail department for the next few months *cough cough* ok maybe weeks!

 With pastel shades galore gracing the shop shelves I'm sure there's a colour to suit and flatter everyone. Il have them all please!!!

The Models Own polishes retail at £5 each or buy the complete set for £18 


MeMeMe's mini collection is available at Argos and will  be released online in May. You can also opt for the full size polishes retaling at £4.50 if you happen to have a favourite.

So what do you think ladies, anything tickle your fancy?
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