28 September 2012

Designer Sunnies Without The Price Tag

If you like your Tom Ford Sunglasses ( well Tom Ford esque) do keep reading.......

Everyone knows my favourite pair of glasses is a pair of Aviators. Now I'm not one to splash the cash on designer sunglasses as I just know I will probably end up losing them. So to save face I would rather just have a few pairs that I can change up on a regular basis.

Even though the suns never out in lovely England (sad face) I am always throwing on my sunnies as I find the sun really gets to my eyes as they are rather light in colour, and even if its just a bright day without a ny son, I walk around squinting like a mole if I'm not armed with my eye candy.

My current sunnies have taken a bit of a bashing lately i.e they get thrown in my bag, thrown in the car and basically just thrown wherever I go. So I decided to take to Ebay to see if I could find another cheap pair I would cherish. 

In my hunt for a new pair of Avi's or a cheap pair of  Ray Bans (because we all need Raybans), I came across a few dupes that I thought I would share.

1. Tom Ford esque Cat eye Sunnies LINK £3.95
2. Tom Ford Whitney esque Sunnies LINK £4.91
3. Rayban esque Sunnies LINK £4.59

So there's no need to stress if you cant part with your cash for a pair of designer glasses,
because there is always a dupe somewhere out there.

Although I'm not really an Ebay addict it seem that Ebay is soon going to become my new friend.

Have you guys found any treasures on Ebay lately?


  1. I like the pair Kourtney are wearing the reminds me of old hollywood...great post! RoRos World

  2. I love Kourtney's cat eye glasses! She pulls them off so well!


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