11 June 2012

Gramming Around...

OK.... so im not going to lie, when the Android market released Instagram I was like a moth to a flame!! now its like drug to me, If I don't post on there at least once in a day, I must admit I feel a bit weird and look for any nonsense to snap and make look pretty with one of their filters.

I have been a bad blogger lately but whilst being bad Iv purchased a few bits and bobs that I will hopefully be posting about this week, so for those that have a heart and do miss me... fear not! I shall be returning shortly *snaps fingers*

If you do find I have vanished on here, you will definitely find I'm still tweeting away on Twitter and Snapping away on Instagram.

My Twitter is @beutyntheblog and my Instagram is Beautyandtheblog

Like I said im hoping to post this week but if I don't its only because I'm trying to find a new job as my current one makes me want to kill myself. I wish blogging or anything related to beauty for that matter was my job, so I could just be happy and press on with living life in a career Id love, grrrrr!!! *deep breaths*

Random rant over haha! 

If your on Insta, be sure to holla....


  1. I totally agree x
    If blogging, instagram and youtube could be my job I'd be so happy!


  2. Ahh i didnt know android had released instagram...thanks for sharing!x

  3. I wish i had an iphone, instagram looks so amazing...
    hope you're able to find a job you enjoy asap! :) xxx

  4. Love all your photos and all the pumps!


  5. my sisters joined instagram and they are now completely addicted to it! they take a picture of pretty much everything under the sun, haha! ;)

    p.s. good luck with the job search! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. Loving your instagram pics! And your blog! Your taste in shoes is something else and your make-up is gorgeous... loving the posts, even if you don't have time to post every day of late - good luck with the job hunt, have you tried freelance beauty writing? I'm sure you'd be fab!
    Nadia xxx

  7. @the trolly dolly, awww thanks chic, im going to see if I can find anything in the freelance world lol fingers crossed!.x

  8. Great pictures!! xx

    please follow my blog:

  9. I love these instagram posts!

  10. Fab photos, you look stunning! xx

  11. Beautiful pictures! And yes, I'm addicted to Instagram too! :)

  12. I completely agree with you about Instagram. When it first became popular I was like what the hell and now I'm as addicted to it as the next Instagramer. Love it!! Your pictures are really pretty & I love your blog :)


  13. wow you are soo beautiful!!!! i love your eyebrows (haha sorry if that sounds creepy)

  14. Lol I know what you mean I'm addicted to instagram. You should check out

  15. great post!


  16. Haha this post really made me chuckle inside, I too am an instagram addict and love playing around with the different filters and light.

    I have followed you and would love it if you could follow my blog back.

    Many many thanks.

  17. great posts. so you also love instagram, eh?

  18. I love those shoes!Look so beautiful and comfortable. I would happily wear those shoes everywhere!


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