11 December 2011

New additions...

So today some of you may have seen me tweeting about foundation. Soon after I received numerous messages from my friend telling me I had to get the Estee Lauder double wear. Seen as there seems to be nothing but good reviews about this stuff online, I decided to take the plunge. Off I dashed to the shops an hour before they shut : /. To cut a long story short, I got myself colour matched and for anyone that might be the same colour as me, I was told I'm a neutral tone and was matched to 3N1 Ivory Beige. Which may I add is the most perfect match iv ever had in a foundation, Its identical to my skin! I cant wait to get ready for work in the morning  just to slap this on. Iv heard it stays put ALL DAY yes all day, even the lady at the counter was telling me its all the workers choice because they don't have to worry about touch ups through the day. Bring on the flawless face!

Anyhoo.... Off I trotted to pay at another till and in front of me I say this luminescent goodness. I immediately swiped some on my hand and was sold straight away. The lady at the counter then offered to pop some on my cheeks, I agreed and fell in love all over again. I didn't even care about the price, this stuff was just too purdy to pass by. Turned out it was about £30 which one would expect for a Laura Mercier product. It also turns out that this stuff is popular *blogger living under a rock*  so I'm glad I got my hands on it especially as its LE. The morning couldn't come quick enough, I fell like a child at Christmas....

So those are my new additions are any of you fans of the double wear or the highlighter ( if you've managed to nab one ).....?

p.s There is a video of me here if anyone wants to check it out CLICK

6 December 2011

Just keep glowing..

Hey ladies, I had to share this post with you on two products I'm LOVING at the moment. Lets face it, its no longer cold outside its just plain old freezing. Just because everything around me is turning white in the cold, it doesn't mean I'm about to let the same thing happen with my skin.

Insert glowy products from Topshop....

[Heavily swatched]

I have owned the Skin glow for quite some time now. Just apply a smidgen to the skin before applying your foundation or mix with your foundation to give your skin that added radiance.

And for that added boost of dewy goodness you need the little pot of goodness (pictured above) in your life. Another product from the Topshop range, this highlighter named 'polished' is a little god send. I fell in love with it at first sight. I think it cost me about £8 but its definitely worth it. If you love radiant cheekbones and highlighted brow bones this will be your best friend. A little goes a long way but makes just enough impact for your cheeks to look like they've been kissed by an angel. If I haven't sold you on it already, you need to check it out next time your in Topshop, but if you cant wait both products are also available on their site.
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