26 June 2011

Oh So Special

Lovers of Sleek MakeUp Palettes I introduce "Oh So Special"  the latest addition to the i-Divine family...
 Oh So Special is the perfect palette for the everyday girl, comprising of everyday beige shades through to sultry smokey eye night time greys. The colours are very pigmented, although you may be wondering why there is a gap in the bottom row of my swatches.... errrrm I'm just weird colour and the eyeshadow (The Mail) is exactly the same colour as me : /

My fave colour in the Palette is 'GATEAU' not only is it slightly reminiscent to the famous Rose Gold blush, but I think as well as an eyeshadow, it could possibly double up as a really nice highlight. (I shall test this theory)

The palette is available in Superdrug stores in July as well as online usual price of £6.49

Will you be adding this to your wish list?


Keep Collecting....

Keep collecting your vouchers from Fabulous Mag so you can pick up your exclusive nails inc shades, if you missed last weeks its ok as you only need 3 tokens out of 4, but you need to start collecting from TODAY! For those that dont know what im on about click HERE

I must say, im fully in love with the pink....

23 June 2011

Ooh Stripey....

Whilst browsing the net for some nail art inspiration, I came across some rather retro looking stripey nail action. Of course I gave it ago, even if its not the best practice makes perfect.

My base colour is the H&M polish from my previous post. Then you simply paint the white where you want it, followed by the black lines and your done.

Hope I have inspired a few nail art lovers out there....

Tip: For those that don't own a black nail art pen, just use a black liquid eyeliner, it works just as well.

21 June 2011

Miss Stone Heart

Whilst standing in line at H&M I noticed that they had placed a row of polishes at the counter. Not one to turn a blind eye I slightly lent out of the queue to take a peek. They had some lovely colours but for some reason this one stood out to me. Call me boring and bland if you like, but I feel that my choices at the moment are clearly reflecting the weather..... GREY!

 It could be my eyes or the fact I'm impartial to seeing what I want, but I'm pretty sure I detect a hint or purple up in this polish *friend looks at me* "NO Mich....its grey!" errrm ok so maybe my eyes are messing with me a bit, but it is a lovely shade of grey (cant believe I even said that )

At £2.99 I shall definitely be checking out the other colours. One coat was enough although I always go for two just for good measure. The polish is a nice consistency and it applied nicely. If any of you have tried the polishes from this range and would recommend a specific colour ,do let me know.


19 June 2011

Get your FREE Nails Inc

I was hoping to have some swatches for you but the postman's wife is clearly reveling in that herself! So let me give you the low down if you don't already know....

Fabulous have a new summer promotion with nails inc, where they are giving away 2 polishes worth £22.  Created especially for Fabulous, the shades – called Atomic and OMP! (that’s Oh My Pink!) – are sure to be this season’s hottest shades!

"To bag the two free nail varnishes, readers need to cut out and collect three of the tokens printed over the next four weeks in Fabulous, starting TODAY (19th June). They then need to take these to participating Tesco stores from 3rd July to redeem. Plus, they can treat themselves to a half-price manicure for £14 (usually £28) at any participating Nails Inc salon."

I hope you will be collecting, its definitely worth it!  Queue funny promotional vid....


18 June 2011

Fat-tastik Lips

Left to right: Hot Lips, Lip Lover, Loudmouth and Strawbery FatBalm

Fat Balm + Liptastik = Fat-Tastick... ahhh you like what I did there don't ya, I just keep the fun coming! *flicks hair*

I don't usually share products that I haven't had a chance to road test, but if I'm impressed by them withing the first few minutes its definitely worth the a share.

Many of you have probably seen the latest additions to Eyeko but if your late like me you haven't, so let me fill you in....
The Fat Balms have been around for a while now, but they had a little revamp and some new shades were added. As for the Liptastiks they are fairly new I believe and I haven't really seen much hype about them and I'm not sure why. At first glance I was expecting them to have a dry crayon type finish, but oh how I was wrong when I swatched them. Smooth with a mid gloss finish, so I applied the red to my lips and omg, I'm fully in love. Firstly the application was perfect due to the precision of the pen, and secondly the colour was so pigmented.

I wasn't heading out or anything so I decided to put the lippie through a little test so to make this post worth while.... Insert massive bowl of chicken noodles and errm a glass or two *cough cough* of Pepsi. After a few slurps later and a look in the mirror I must say it held up quite well. There was some colour missing from the centre off my lips but it was nothing that smooshing them together couldn't fix. All in all I'm quite impressed, and I'm sooooo rocking the red today (If it stops bloody raining!).

The Fat Balm is also  lovely, it smells sweet and gives lips a sheer tint of colour and your cheeks a pop of freshness.

Everything is available from Eyeko and the Liptastiks are currently on deal HERE or they are priced at £6.50 each as is the Fat Balm.

17 June 2011

17 Shizzle....

So yesterday I passed by Boots to pick up the new Limited edition bronzer from 17 in Miami pop. Little did I know that if you pick up two 17 items you get a FREE nail kit in a bag which includes 2 polishes a mini nail file and some nail art stickers. So of course I picked up a polish for myself. My camera wasn't quite picking it up but Sherbet Lemon is a must if you love your pale pastel tones, finally a yellow that suits me *punches air*

Onto the bronzer, I'm loving it. This is definitely one for those with a darker skin tone too. The golden sheen is immense without the glitter ball effect. Applied with a light hand your cheeks will no doubt be the sexiest ones around, I'm so taking this on holiday, I'm feeling this would be amazing over a tan.

Last but not least the mini nail art kit. For the polishes alone its worth it. I'm not sure if the colours vary but inside my bag was Pink Grapefruit and Knockout Red. Both colours are lovely and the red is so opaque which is a major plus. I'm also loving the mini nail file you get with it *pops it in handbag* I'm not sure about the heart shape stickers though, I think I may send them in my child's direction -_-  ......

Definitely check out the Miami pop bronzer if you haven't already, I think it cost about £4.50 well worth the change. They also have two polishes (a pink and an orange) and a gloss(pink) available as part of this limited edition collection encase that floats your boat. I don't think this collection is around for long so if you are interested in it I pick up your pieces now.

15 June 2011

John Frieda 3DS

I have the type of hair that nothing really works on, so when I find a product that does work I tend to add it to my mini train of products that could.

John Frieda 3 Day straight is a semi permanent styling spray that keeps hair straight for up to 3 days or until you next wash it. The reason I love this idea is because its cheap!!! I was never going to part with hundreds for a Brazilian blow dry for it not to work, resulting in me being left traumatised.

How you use it: Spray EVENLY through wet or towel dry hair. Blow dry hair and then straighten. It also protects your hair from heat so no need to load up your barnet with a concoction of products.

The product stays in your hair until you wash it out, so if you notice any waves or kinks over the following days, using your straighteners will reactivate the product and take you back to sleek avenue.

The first time I used it I was in shock. My hair was straight, soft and shiny. I didn't feel any sticky build up (which I was fearing) and I could still run my fingers through my hair, which is a definite must for me. But we all know when I road test a product once is not enough, oh no..... I used it a few more times with the same results. I tend to have to put some kind of heat to my hair daily to control it, but even on day 3 I still didn't have too.

I would definitely recommend this is you love your straight hair or even if your trying to give your hair a break from heat like me. Its well worth it, and at £6.99 you cant complain.

you can pick this up online or at your local drug stores.


9 June 2011

MeMeMe The Brights Collection...

Just thought I would share with you the latest edition to MeMeMe's nail collections...

The brights collection is indeed that! It includes 4 eye catching colours to get you in that summertime mood.

From let to right: 60 Vivacious a bright hot pink, 89 Tenacious a fabulous turquoise, 64 Spirited a peachy orange and 80 Impulsive a bright Lemony yellow

I have to say that my fave is definitely the peachy orange, closely followed by the pink. I'm thinking that the green and yellow would look great with a tan (note to self.. tan later).

I have posted about MeMeMe polishes in the past, and I must admit I didn't get on well with the size of the brush, it was just too big for my nails! (thumbs down). I seem to have got the knack of it now though (thumbs up) YAY!. The polish is a nice consistency, 2 coats and I was done. It also dried majorly fast too.

The colours are available separately HERE and in Superdrug stores, and the full collection will be online soon so keep your eyes peeled. RRP £12

7 June 2011

CHARM-ing bargains

So I'm a fan of all bracelets small and rustic, whether they are charms on string or just a plain leather strap. I always seem to be drawn to these simple yet attractive pieces of jewellery.

These babies (£1.99 H & M) caught my eye instantly. Available in an array of colours I could have easily purchased them all! Seen as these babies were placed right by the till (argh!!!) I found myself uncontrollably chucking them down on top of the pile of my clothing being scanned through the till -_- . Eventually I told myself "NO" and settled for these 3.

I'm loving H&M at the moment, they are stocking a lot of these these type of bracelets which is all good for me, and I'm pretty sure they have loads on deal too. I shall definitely be making a return visit!

3 June 2011

Parma Violets

Hey ladies, Just thought I would share with you a quick purchase I made the other day...

I picked up 2 Hot Looks nail polishes at Superdrug as they were on deal at 2 for £1.99 or something around that : /

Here's one of the two, Parma Violets, Its a deep violet blue. Although my dam camera refused to pick up the correct tone, its definitely worth checking out next time you hit the shops, especially for the price.

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