14 March 2011

Why you should ALWAYS wear nice underwear

Ive always been a believer of wearing your best undies as you never know when you may be hit by a bus, or because something random is bound to happen on that one day you decide to slip....

Take this for example...

An event that took place last week Friday outside Liverpool's River Island store for charity Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

Over 150 locals were willing to drop their old jeans or trousers in the street and walked away wearing a fantastic, brand new pair of River Island jeans, organised to celebrate River Island’s Denim Week 11- 20th March.
The catch.... You had to drop your jeans on the spot, no hiding away lol 

Those who took part in the swap were encouraged to donate their old jeans to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, and over 112 items were collected for the charity on the day. River Island are also giving us a lovely 25% off their denim range in celebration of their Denim Week which runs till 20th March.

You can donate to fashion targets breast cancer here

Moral of the story, always wear good undies as you never how random your day may be....

11 March 2011

Messy Conical Waves

Hey girls, this post is very spare of the moment, hence the crappy pics and the feature of my phone up top. But none the less I'm posting as somethings better than nothing.

Everyone I came across today seemed to love my hair, so I thought I would do a quick post on how I did it. Basically all I did was wrap my hair loosely around my conical wand, I waited for it to cool, then I shook it out.

And that's Messy hair the easy way



8 March 2011

A love for peaches

Hey everyone, the invasion is over and I am back!! I hope your enjoyed my 7 guest and most importantly, id like to think you missed me a bit too lol.

I thought id make this a quickie. I'm pretty sure I have posted about this polish in the past, but in saying that when I twitpic'd my nails the other day a lot of you were in ore.

I picked up the colour in Claire's over a year ago. Priced at £2.50, It has no name or number it was literally the only peachy one on the shelf.
I know a lot of you love the colour and were planning on heading to Claire's to pick it up. If you fail on that mission, why not check out Models own peach sherbet, apparently its a dead ringer.

7 March 2011

7 days 7 posts 7 guest- Day 7

Hey Dolls x
Il Just start off By saying Thank you To Michelle For Letting Me Guest Post today and Introducing Myself... I Blog By the Name Of PinkSweetSz J I don’t know why I chose that Name But hey, its different!
So anyway... I thought Id start off a Tag Today, But behold Its a bit of a weird One Lol! Iv Decided to call it “BedTime Stories”, I Bet your thinking What!! Lol Well Let me Just explain....
You Have to Do an OOTN...
But Not Just any OOTN... A Special One..
One Of Your PJ’z!! Yess you heard it right! I want everyone on the Blogosphere to be Rocking their PJ’z! Hehe, So heres a peak at mine J

And Now Onto the Questions....
Do you have a Bedtime?
Now I know a lot of people don’t like to admit it Lol, But I do! Haha... Not from my parents... But My eyes Just automatically start to close when it gets near to 11!! I can’t stay awake Long past that! Lol...
Do you go to sleep with make up on?
Lol, I am so Bad, whenever I come home late, Or when Im just really tired I go to sleep with my make Up on! Lol (A lot of the time) I just cant be bothered to go through the effort of taking it off Hehe.. naughty me!
Do you have a NightTime Skincare routine?
The days I do bother to take my make Up off.. I just remove my make Up with a make up wipe and then splodge Vaseline Moisture Locking cream all over my face.. Exfoliating and all that malarkey occurs in the morning!!
Is there something You always have to do every Night before you go to sleep..Like a ritual or something :P?
I cant go to sleep Unless The Special someone calls me to say goodnight!! :$
Do you sleep with something.. (A bear/Blankey) ?
Ok.. So mine is a little weird Lol, I don’t sleep with the regular teddies and whatnot.. I cant sleep unless I have two Pillows.. One under my head, and One on the side of Me Lol, because I tend to turn somehow in my sleep and My head ends Up on the other pillow haha
Do you eat drink anything every night before you sleep?
I would Like to say I go to sleep after I eat fruit. But That would be an utter Lie!! I am unhealthy like none other!! I don’t really drink anything either, Although I should really drink milk as Im a Short S#%T !! Lol..
Hope you all do this tag! And make sure you post it to me So I can see all the Cute jammies!!
Oh And Michelle, Your tagged :P x

Beauty and the Blog says.... LOOOOL darn : ), you can check out more of PinkSweetsz antics over HERE


6 March 2011

7 days 7 posts 7 guest- Day 6

I've kindly been invited to blog on the wonderful 'Beauty and the Blog', and I have decided to do What I wore Last Night post as in this I thought I could include everything to hair, clothes, and make up .. so here it goes. Enjoy! 
Look of Last Night! 
It was my good friends Charlotte's 20th Birthday and the plan was we'd all head down to Shorditch/Brick lane for the evening, I wasnt too sure what to expect so I didn't really know what to wear that would be appropriate. 

What I wore.. 
I ended up going for my tribal jumpsuit which is so lovely to wear, it makes me feel so comfortable in myself and how I look. One of my major hates - is when you go out in something and your really not sure weather to wear it or whether it looks quite figure hugging on me, it just then makes me end up worrying all night, not good! Personally I think my sense of style is a little different, I know that I'm definitely the one to look different out of all my friends. I like to look unique and try out new styles and looks - and I think my tribal jumpsuit is definitely one of those. With my jumpsuit I wore a wore a little back boob tube underneath to make me a little warmer and I know its all ways colder in central London, also the jumpsuit itself is quite thin. I had my Topshop brown leather booty heels on which I can always rely on to be comfortable on a long night out.
Accessories I have hundreds off but I don't really get on to well with them, I try and wear them but after a while I get a little annoyed and just end up taking them off - so I normally don't bother. But this time I has just had one little accessories which I kind of created myself , one feathered earring which I had altered to make it more how I imagined it to be. Anyway just my luck I wear my new earring out and end up not coming home with it. sad times :( it must of feel out in the club, I was gutted I loved my little creation. I'm going to have to make another one. For a bag I just had my little side brown purse that went across my body, so I didn't have to worry about putting it down all night. 
Asos Jumpsuit, Topshop Shoes, H&M black tube

My face..
Collection 2000 - Natural Matte Foundation Natural Blonde
 - Mixed -
Maxfactor Age Renew Foundation- Warm Almond 
Virgin V - Honey One Step Face Base
Rimmel - Natural Bronzer
Blush Bourjois - Lillas D'or
The Body Shop- Dark Brow Kit 
Collection 2000 - Compressed powder (light colour for under my eyes)
Barry M - Kohl Pencil Black
Clinque - Coffee Shop Duo- Brown shade eye-shadow
Rimmel - Max Bold Curves Mascara
Rimmel - Lasting Finish Lipstick Pink Blush
My night time make up is so different to the day time. One there's so much more, Two there's darker colours, and Three I take ten times longer to put it all on :P

There doesn't look like a lot of make-up here, but once I had caked it on my face it did ;) 
Feathered earring, and My face after make-up

My Hair..
I didn't want to wear my hair down as it had been raining hardcore all day and I knew soon as I would go outside my hair would just turn to frizz! 
So i opted for the up-do look, with a back combed quiff.
To achieve this, I simply used..
Superdrugs - Dry Shampoo
Wella Silvikrin - Hair Spray Firm Hold
Garnier Fructis Style - Extreme Gel spray 
I back combed the top of my hair just in the middle by the roots, after I had back combed a section I would spray some hairspray to hold the combed hair up and in place so it wouldn't fall flat. After my hair was all back combed I simply pulled back all the hair into a tight pony tail making sure both sides of my hair were slicked back and tightly held. Once I had my hair in place I ran the comb gently over the back combed quiff to neaten and shape it a little. I then tied my hair in place and put a few pins in to hold a few areas that where sticking up down. And then continued spraying mounds and mounds of hairspray on top.
Personally I don't think I achieved a big enough quiff, as I would of liked. But by this time I was running out of time and had to hurry my getting ready process up. Next time I would back comb a lot more to achieve a higher raised area.
My hair
So that was me dressed and all made up, I had a fab night, Brick Lane was amazing! Hope you enjoyed reading
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5 March 2011

7 days 7 posts 7 guest- Day 5

Hello there Beauty and the Blog readers!
As you may already know Beauty and the Blog is being invaded by guest bloggers this week and its my job to to do the Saturday post! For those of you who don't know who I am my name is Sophie and I created the VivaGlam026 blog and Youtube channel. I live and breathe all things fashion and makeup so for my guest blogging post I've decided to share a few of my beauty cheats and show you some high street (or "drugstore" for all you readers over the pond) dupes for high end brand products.

1) Ok so this may not be the world's biggest secret but I feel it is essential for any dupe post. These products are so similar to the point that, what I think, the only thing separating the two products is packaging and price. And they are... e.l.f's High Definition Powder and Make Up For Ever's HD Powder. I own the e.l.f powder and have tried the MUFE one many times and I can honestly say they are pretty much identical powders! I love to use my e.l.f one as a translucent finishing powder, it - like its MUFE equivalent - leaves the skin feeling so smooth without giving a powdery effect. They both also claim to work great with cameras and HD recorders, providing a "soft glow" to the skin and I have to say just looking in the mirror I can see the glowy effect. The e.l.f powder retails at £6 in the UK and the MUFE one is available at around £22.50 and overall I would definitely choose the e.l.f powder as you get an identical soft powder product in what I have to say is definitely nicer packaging.

(Left - Elf) (Right - MUFE)

2) Now this next one isn't an exact dupe for the Lancome Ombre Absolue Mono Eyeshadow (the name has rubbed off my one but I can see the word "Deep" and the numbers 118) but they look very similar on the eye when applied and blended. And it is Make Up Academy's single pearl eyeshadow in Shade 14. The Lancome shadow is slightly lighter than the MUA one and the shimmer is more finely milled but the two green shades are still similar, and with the MUA alternative being just £1 (yes a quid!!) compared with the Lancome £16.35 I would be sure to check it out first before investing in the high end shadow. I would even go as far to say that the MUA shadow is more pigmented than the Lancome and you get far more product so the MUA is definitely the bargain here!
(Left - MUA) (Right - Lancome)
3) The love for the nude lip seems to be growing and growing and I have to admit I am swaying to the nude side after previously being a firm sceptic. Probably the most well know "true" nude lipstick is M.A.C's Creme D'Nude - a creamy pink-toned flesh nude colour. Priced at £13.50 in the UK it isn't highly expensive but still, a high street equivalent is always loved. The one I've found (again not a secret but worth an honourable mention) is GOSH Darling, priced at around £6 and available from Superdrug, this true nude is an amazing dupe for the cult classic MAC equivalent. Apart from the slight difference in texture, the two are practically identical, although the picture shows the GOSH one to look slightly matte - which it isn't. So girls, if its a nude you're looking for but aren't sure whether to invest in MAC take a look in your local Superdrug and try this lil devil out.

(Left - M.A.C) (Right - GOSH)
4) Moving on to my favourite eyeshadow now - Walnut Pearl by 17 - a fantastic dupe for Mulch by M.A.C. The two are both warm, mid-toned browns with shimmer in. In the picture they dont look all that similar but in the person and once applied, the two are practically identical in colour. The only difference ive noticed is the texture, the 17 one is far firmer in the pot than the soft MAC one, the MAC tends to have a little fall out if the product isnt packed on to the brush so in that sense the 17 has the advantage. All in all I think its personal preference when it comes to choosing between the two, I now prefer to collect MAC shadows in pan form to put in palettes so have started to sway away from individual shadows. On the other hand, at just £3.29 the 17 is far cheaper than the MAC at £12 in the pot and around £10 in pan form.

(Left - 17) (Right - MAC)
5) The next two I have only heard reviews on and that is NYX's Pinch and Nars's Orgasm. According to reviews the two are extremely similar both in colour and in texture as you can probably see from the picure below. Unfortunately NYX is only available online in the UK and even then it isn't readily available but NYX is a high street brand from over the pond and as we can see offers a great alternative to the high end Nars one, so if you can find it on the net or you live in a country that sells it I would say its definitely worth a look at!

(Left - NYX)(Right - Nars)

6) Now if you're a subscriber to my Youtube channel you will probably have already seen me rave about the next product, the St Moriz Mousse Self Tanner. I've hailed it as an EXACT dupe for the world famous St Tropez mousse alternative. Even looking at the ingredients list you can see there is nothing between the two. if you want to see a full video review click visit my channel at
7) Last but not least...Next, I've recently noticed, tend to release perfumes inspired by the popular high end ones of the time. They've released ones inspired by Marc Jacobs's Daisy and recently they're released a new fragrance which looks suspiciously similar in packaging to Chanel Chance. Their inspired perfumes are similar in both scent and packaging and this is no exception.. Pure by Next I've discovered is excitingly close to Fuel For Life by Diesel in both scent and packaging. Just today i've had many compliments when wearing it and have been asked if it is the Diesel perfume. At £6 I would definitely have a look in next once in a while to see which fragrances they have in, you may be pleasantly surprised to see your favourite there!

Thank you all for reading, I know this was a bit of a beast on the length front, I got a little carried away ha. A big thank you to Beauty and the Blog for letting me guest blog!

xoxo Sophie

Beauty and the Blog says.... Thanks Sophie, I shall now be making a trip to next, you guys can check out more of Sophie HERE

4 March 2011

7 days 7 posts 7 guest- Day 4

Hey everyone J First things first let’s get the niceties out the way- I’m Corrie and I blog over usually at Dizzybrunette3. I am so excited to be doing a guest post on Beauty and the blog as I have been a fan for many months J
Now onto the actual post! My favourite beauty product is most probably nail polish, I think it can add so much to an outfit and there are so many fab colours and brands out there! Now I don’t know about you but whenever I am about to pop off on holiday, I am such a dither about what nail colours to choose. As a nail polish lover, it’s a big decision and for ages before I am spying the nail varnish counters to make sure I get the perfect one.
Over the past few winter months, I have found and discovered a lot of gorgeous polishes which are just PERFECT for summer/ holidays.
I have chosen six polishes from my collection and hope you enjoy reading about them J
The Bright’s:

Barry M- Flamingo Pink – this is a gorgeous coral/bright pink which is just divine! It’s so pretty and such an unusual colour. Barry M polishes are definitely my favourite, they are really cheap, hardwearing and there are so many lovely colours to choose from. This is one of my favourites from the brand and I think it will look gorgeous on fingers or toes on the beach!
Rimmel Pro- Coral Romance- This is a beautiful bright coral polish which to be honest looks gorgeous all year round but especially with a tan! I also really love the brush with this polish as it’s really wide and you can coat the whole nail in one stroke which is great for messy nail painters like me!
China Glaze- Pink Voltage Neon- Now this is Barbie nails to the max! A fluorescent pink which is just wow. It makes your fingers stand out that’s for sure! It’s also really good quality and would last throughout all those holiday activities!

Models Own- Lilac Dream- This is lovely, it’s such a pretty colour which I especially love for toes. I think it’s so summery and just gorgeous. Models Own polishes are fab and I love them for the fact they dry so quickly!
Barry M- Pure Turquoise- Another Barry M! Blue polishes are always a bit scary and I always think “Will I look like a smurf?” But you won’t with this polish; it’s a lovely colour which just screams sunshine!
Models Own- Fuzzy Peach- This is a gorgeous pastel orange colour that reminds me of ice lollies, this will look stunning come those sunny months and I can’t wait to rock it on the beach!

Picture above: L-R Models Own Lilac dream, Barry M- Pure Turquoise-Models Own- Fuzzy Peach-Rimmel Pro- Coral Romance-Barry M Flamingo Pink- China Glaze- Pink Voltage (neon)
Of course there are so many gorgeous colours out there and it comes down to personal taste but these six are my favourites for colour and for being hard wearing which is something you always want when you go on holiday!
I hope you enjoyed my guest post and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day J

Beauty and the Blog says.... I totally forgot I had that rimmel polish *hunts it out* thanks for the great post. You guys can check out more of Dizzy Brunette HERE

2 March 2011

7 days 7 posts 7 guest- Day 3

Creation: 007 Style
Hey my Secret Agent Undercover Beauties!
I hope all is well in the world of top-secret missions! Welcome to my Creation Mission 007 Style. I was invited to a James Bond Theme Party the other night and I am going to be completely honest with you all now and I tell you that there is only one James Bond film I have watched the whole way through and that is Casino Royal – and only because a friend actually bought me the DVD specifically to watch. So please know this look is not based off any particular bond girl – However I do know bond girls ooze sexiness (hence the Smokey eye) and confidence (hence the red lips). Of course this look could also be worn for any night out – so have fun watching the tutorial below : )

Kiehl’s Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturiser
Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Skin Primer
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Deauville
Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder in Warm Natural 6
MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark
Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

Smashbox Brown Eyebrow Shadow
Urban Decay Eye Potion Primer
3 Eyeshadow shades unnamed from the Smashbox Wish for the Perfect Palette; Beige Highlighting Shadow, Light Beige/Gold Shadow the lids and a Dark Brown Shadow with gold pigmented undertones for the outer v.
B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Lip Barrier and Gold Cosmetic Glitter
Chanel Brown Eyeliner in number 66
YSL Volume Effect False Lash Mascara

Lancome Le Rouge Absolut in number 47

I hope you beauties enjoy this look. Let me know what you think in the comments below! x x x
Beauty and the Blog says.... Sorry its late (DAM BLOGGER!!) but you can enjoy more of Joannas shizzle over HERE . Thanks for the great post girly *007 roll on the floor* over and out.xx


1 March 2011

7 days 7 posts 7 guest- Day 2

by Lauren From Lauren Loves…

hi I'm Lauren from Lauren loves... I'm so excited to be guest posting on beauty and blog, hope you enjoy it...

Liquid eyeliners, felt-tip eyeliners, gel eyeliners… how’s a girl supposed to choose which one to use? Well here’s my little show of different types of eyeliners, the effects they give and finally my first beauty how-to video: how I apply liquid eyeliner!

From L-R: Bourjois Liner Feutre, Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eye Liner, No7 Gel Eyeliner
Bourjois Liner Feutre

This eyeliner comes in the form of a felt-tip pen to make it easy to use. As you can see the nib is very precise and does give easy application.

It’s a great products for first time users, the nib gives a steady flow of liner and makes eyeliner easy. My only complaint is that it’s not a very dark line, it’s more watery and grey.

Here’s the result. A great line and really easily applied but I’d prefer something more bold.

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eye Liner

This eyeliner comes in the traditional pot-and-brush format, the handle on the blog is the perfect length to hold easily and balance on your hand for a smooth line. I like the tip of this brush too, it’s a felty brush which I find easier to use than the traditional bristles brush.

You can see the brush holds together and isn’t bendy so gives a great line. Here’s the result

You can see it gives a bold line, it’s not too thick and application is really easy and controllable.

No7 Gel Eyeliner

This eyeliner is an ink pot and brush application. The brush has a very small handle which is quick fiddly, and apparently the eyliner dries up in the pot after a while. The brush length is really good though, nice and short for precise application. As you can see in my old review, it’s really lovely to use, but maybe not a first-time liquid liner to use. Here’s the result

This liner gives a very bold line again, and as you can see from the very first photo,

in comparison to other liquid eyeliners it looks more gel and shiney compared to the others.
The last thing I have to show you is a liquid eyeliner tutorial! This is my first ever video and you can probably see I’m really nervous – I’m glad I managed to keep a smooth hand through the video!

Hope this information and tutorial was useful! x

Beauty and the Blog says... Thanks for the great post Lauren, If you want to see more of Laurens work just click HERE
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