14 March 2011

Why you should ALWAYS wear nice underwear

Ive always been a believer of wearing your best undies as you never know when you may be hit by a bus, or because something random is bound to happen on that one day you decide to slip....

Take this for example...

An event that took place last week Friday outside Liverpool's River Island store for charity Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

Over 150 locals were willing to drop their old jeans or trousers in the street and walked away wearing a fantastic, brand new pair of River Island jeans, organised to celebrate River Island’s Denim Week 11- 20th March.
The catch.... You had to drop your jeans on the spot, no hiding away lol 

Those who took part in the swap were encouraged to donate their old jeans to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, and over 112 items were collected for the charity on the day. River Island are also giving us a lovely 25% off their denim range in celebration of their Denim Week which runs till 20th March.

You can donate to fashion targets breast cancer here

Moral of the story, always wear good undies as you never how random your day may be....

11 March 2011

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1 March 2011

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