28 February 2011

7 guests 7 posts 7 days - Day 1

Well, hello hello there dolls! I hope you’re all having a lovely day. So, first things first... My name’s Kaushal & I’m obsessed with pretty much anything girly. I jumped to the opportunity of doing this guest post. This is the first time I’m doing something like this, so don’t really know where to start off... I suppose I best get straight to it 

I thought I’d do a post on something which I absolutely LOVE (apart from food) but that’s a smokey eye tutorial. If you don’t wanna see lots of pictures scroll to the end for the final FOTD. But I hope you pick up some tips on your way down ;) Here we go girls...

This is a great looks for a night out. Probably a little OTT during the day but I suppose if Kim Kardashian does it, we can join in too to feel all glam & dolled up. I love to pair this with a nude or pink lip. Here’s a quick FOTD as well for you so you get a full picture of it 

Teint Miracle Foundation by Lancome.
Garnier caffeine eye roll on as a concealer.
ELF HD Powder.
Sleek Face Contour Kit.
ELF Eyebrow kit.
Urban Decay Primer Potion.
Midnight Hour eyeshadow trio (black & grey colours) by myface.cosmetics.
Blacktrack gel liner by MAC on my waterlines & upper & lower lash lines.
SuperSHOCK mascara by AVON.
Viva Glam Gaga by MAC.
You don’t have to use exactly all the products as I did, using anything similar will give you a lovely, intense smokey eye. I really hope you enjoyed my post – I can’t wait for the next 6 posts!
Beauty And The Blog Says.... What a great post, I hope you all enjoyed it. I love Kaushals blog and if you want to see more of her work you can check it out HERE


27 February 2011

7 guests 7 posts 7 days

Hey ladies, as you all know (If you follow me on twitter) im sick at the moment. My voice is 80% gone and if I was talking to you over the phone I would probably sound like an old man that smokes 40 a day -_-. Yesturday was the first time I opened my laptop since my natural nail post (awful I know) everything in my life (apart from my child lol) has been getting a bit neglected. So I came up with a solution.

Every month I will invite 7 people to come and write a guest post. These 7 posts will then be spread out over 7 days. As well as giving me a break for a week I also get the chance to spread some blogging love and hopefully introduce you to some bloggers you may not have come across as of yet.
This week you shall be wooed by the words of

I hope you enjoy their posts and be sure to make them feel welcome. Oooh and if you want to be one of next months 7 quests, be on the look out for my tweet.x

26 February 2011

"A lack of pancakes, but an abundance of colourful nails"‏

Hey Ladies, im sorry ive been MIA for nearly 2 weeks *slaps wrist* Iv been ill and working, But fear not, my friend Emma has compiled a post to keep you satisfied for a few days whilst I sort myself out. Show her some love and make her feel welcome, Hope you enjoy.....

Morning all!

And I mean “morning”. It’s a rainy Saturday and Cat woke me up at 0800 by jumping onto my bed, lying on my hair and meow-crying until I tickled him in that spot under his chin, right at the back towards his left jaw line. If you have a cat, you know it.

I’m in bed, I’m hungover, I can’t find a decent internet-stream of the Grey’s Anatomy episode I want to watch and there’s no one here to make me pancakes. American-style pancakes.

What will make me feel less gloomy? Painting my nails. And so many wonderful, wonderful colours to choose from...!

Current favourites:

• Chanel “Black Pearl” (Boots - £18)

This colour is divine; I’m in love with it! The magazines have been raving about it and I want a Porsche in this colour. When people say, “Hey! Cool colour car; what is it?” I can say, “Chanel Black Pearl,” and look totally smug about it.

(I bet I won’t look so smug when they go and scratch it when I’m not looking, muttering, “we’ll show that smug fool...!”)

There’s also a white version you could use to French mani your Black Pearl nails with, but I’m feeling low maintenance nails lately.

The colour is slightly too teal-based to be genuinely like a black pearl, but it’s still fantastic. The best description I read about this colour is “dark cosmic green”, which is pretty much exactly what it is.

Suck it up and buy it. There are no close dupes out there. You’ll regret it otherwise. Go on. We might not be able to afford paint a whole car with it, but we can certainly have nice nails while we’re driving around London in our Volkswagons and Fords!!
• Chanel “Vendetta” (Boots - £18)

A dark purple colour, which looks black unless there’s a lot of light hitting it. As with many Chanel polishes it’s a pain to remove and not worth the money. There are better substitutes out there and things far more deserving of your eighteen quid!

• YSL’s Cornflower Blue / Mushroom Spring “Manicure Couture Duo” Set (Selfridges - £20 for both)

I already feel out of date with this since the A/W collections are strutting down various runways as we speak, but this spring set was too delightful not to mention.

Again, the two colours were intended to be used as a French manicure set, which I tried once but didn’t overly enjoy. While both colours look great, the navy – ohhh the navy! I got through half this bottle in a month I loved it that much.

Downside? £20 for 12ml of polish is pretty painful.

• Seche Vite’s Top Coat (Ebay - £4.99)

I know everyone has been going on about this since forever, but I only just bought it. It’s incredible. It makes your nail varnish touch-dry super fast and it doesn’t chip. I’m a programmer; I type on a keyboard from 8am until 6pm every day and my nails still.don’t.chip. That’s amazing, trust me.

• American Apparel Polishes (New York – 3 for £6)

California Trooper (left), Raccoon (right), my friend stole the third. I can’t say that I’m overly bothered about it (In fact, I might just give her the other 2..).

After I used up my 2 Mac polishes from the “Warm & Cosy” collection I’ve been looking for dupes, and while in NYC I stumbled across these colours. I love American Apparel clothes so I was more than willing to give their polishes a go.

The consistency is variable. While the lighter California Trooper’s is fantastic, Raccoon’s is gloopy and difficult to apply. When applied they’re pretty quick to dry and the colours and true to how they are in the bottle with a single coat. They chip quickly and I wouldn’t pay what they’re asking for in this country.
So I might not have fluffy, doughy pancakes with little chocolate chips and maple syrup. I might have Cat’s fur in my hair. I might have to spend money on the Grey’s Anatomy box set. But my nails are cosmic and everything feels a little bit better.

13 February 2011

Natural Nail care and NOTD

Many of you have always complimented me on my nails, but recently I had a comment on one of my posts asking if I could do a nail care post including thing I use in my nail care regime. I think I am quite lucky in the nail area, but I will give you the basics of what I do to keep them tip top.
  • NEVER saw nails when filing, always go from the left inward, then the right inwards. Sawing will only cause your nails to break,flake and split.

  • Make sure your using the right file, you don't want to use a grit that's to high for your nails, once again this will only cause breakage. I like to use the qvs nail files, you can usually find them at the till side in Superdrug. They only cost 99p.

  • Use and acetone free nail polish remover, acetone will only dry your nail bed out.

  • Cuticle oil or olive oil is your friend, massage it into your cuticles and nails after you have removed polish to re nourish them. Make sure you wash your hands after if you plan to paint your nails straight after, otherwise the polish wont adhere.

  • Let your nails BREATH! Ok we all love our nail colours but our nails need to breath to help them grow healthily and strong. Try to give nail polish a miss for 24hrs once a week at least. This will also help keep that dreaded yellow stain at bay.

  • BUFF once every couple of weeks to get the blood flowing through your nails. You don't need a professional buffer, you can pick up one of those 4 way nail files and use the shine step side to buff your nails with a little nail cream.

  • Last but not least your nail shape should slightly mimic the shape of your cuticle. I personally think sqoval(square oval) is a perfect shape for most.


If your nails are extra brittle and prone to breakage keep them short and soak them in milk once a week for 15min, this will help strengthen them.

Get rid of those dreaded yellow stains by using a white block file to lightly buff the surface of your nail, don't make this a habit though as in time it will thin the nail surface.

In the past I did mess with acrylics even though I didn't need too, and I totally screwed up my nails, thankfully I nursed them back to health.

Hope this post helps those who have been curious, I am a nail technician (even though I don't dabble in that any more) so you can trust that I'm not talking rubbish lol so if you have anymore questions, feel free to fire away.


12 February 2011

FREE make Up Offer(ONLY TODAY)

I was meant to get this up yesterday, but better late than never...

To celebrate valentine’s Day, buzz have teamed up with cosmetic experts Barry M to give away a fabulous make-up set designed for buzz. The set is worth more than £9 and includes a Glossy Tubes lip gloss, a black kohl eyeliner pencil and a pot of nail polish all in limited-edition shades not available in the shops. All readers need to do to get the FREE make-up set is take the voucher printed in this week’s buzz to their nearest participating Superdrug store.

Ladies this offer is only available TODAY (11TH FEB) So if you love your pink glosses and you want to add a limited edition nail polish to your collection I would head to your local news agents.

The polish is my fave...

3 February 2011

Sensitive Scalps

Hi girls, sorry for the lack of posting this week, I have been stupid busy, a little sick and overly tired, but seen as im just chilling now I thought I would do a quick post to tide you all over : )

Right, I dont know about you but when its cold outside, the oil balance in my scalp seems to some what shift and my scalp seems to flip into uber sensitive mode.

At the moment im using head and shoulders for sensitive scalps, it seems to be the only shampoo that doesnt irritate my scalp at the moment. It contains almond oil to keep everything nicely nourished, and it leaves my hair really soft.

I recently watched a video that I thought might help those of you that have the same problem in the colder months. The video shows you how you should wash your hair and also shows you how to do a cute Mary- Kate, Ashley Olsen toussled wave style.

Watch and enjoy...
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