6 November 2011

Long time no blog....

Hey guys sorry I haven't blogged for some time, I have been major bizzzayyyy.  Im hoping to have a bit more time for myself now, so until then I thought id pull together a few pics of things in my life I LOVE at the moment.....

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1) Diesel Loverdose- My handbag must have, I actually need to get a new bottle as ive finished mine now : (

2) Enrapture Waver- I luurrrvveeee this hair tool at the moment, I use it near enough every day. wavy hair <3

3) Sleek nude blusher and lip paint - Another must have if your a lover of peachy cheeks and nude lips.

4) MUA red lippie number 13- A pinky undertoned red that will suit near enough anyone, and at £1 you need it in your collection.

5) Nails inc exclusive OMP!- I still have some left and boy do I love it. I wish it was a permanent fixture in the nails inc collections : (

6) Body shop warm bronzer- This is probably my product of the year. I use it every day without fail and there's still loads left. If you like the dewy glowy look this is definitely one to check out.

Hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post. 

Until next time....



  1. Everything looks so pretty. The bronzed looks fun to try.

  2. I've been thinking about getting something from Sleek and the blush looks gorgeous.

    Thanks x

  3. ahh ive been wanting to try Diesel Loverdose since it came out!!! as Im addicted to Fuel for Life, may have to pay a special visit to Boots now!! HA xx

  4. That hair tool looks really interesting! I'm just trying to work out how you would use it, lol. Oh and that nail colour looks fantastic on you :) xo

    Sophia @ Beauty In My Mind

  5. Ohh. nice post, i really want to try loverdose!

  6. that nail polish is such a lovely colour!

  7. I hope you show how that hair waver works
    I really need to buy one

    come and say Hi, we could start a stylish friendship
    The Dolls Factory

  8. Oof I own the red lippie from MUA, it is gorgeous! And a steal a a quid! xo

  9. i am loving the red lipstick and the nail polish! :D

    <3, Mimi

  10. awesome products!! im dying to try that diesel perfume now!

  11. I really want to know more about the so sick of trying to use my tongs and burning the tips of my fingers. It looks so much more practical!

  12. Hey, now following. My sister and I love your blog. BTW you're gorgeous!

  13. @Tali- click the bigger writing, iv done a post on it

    @A+D awww double thank yous.x

  14. love your blog! check out my korean beauty blog!

  15. It would be very interesting to see how the curling tool works, could you do a post about it?:)

    Best wishes!

  16. Great post hun. The nails are so bright and beautiful!

  17. Pretty! Thanks for the color samples! Please check out my blog as well.
    Happy Monday.

  18. I love the post very interesting products...


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