9 October 2011

Unreal Tanning

This post is for the lovers of fake tan but ESPECIALLY for people who have fairer skin that long to tan but can never find one that one special bottle that gives them that holiday glow.

Unreal Tannings story.....

Laura Hawthorne and her mother set up Unreal Tanning in 2009. They were extremely pale skinned and were fed up of not being able to tan in the sun (They have a family history of skin cancer) and being orange every time they attempted a fake tan! So they travelled out to America at the start of 2009 and met with a great team of skincare product technicians. They wanted to create a brand that advocated sun damage awareness as well as skincare advice (They have an educational ethos). All their products contain Eco-cert DHA (the ingredient that temporarily dyes the skin) and they never use alcohols, petrochemicals, parabens or artificial fragrances or colourants in their products, making everything suitable for people with sensitive skin!

Now even though I am mixed, I am also ridiculously pale so im not impartial to a bit of tan now and again. I have used enough different tanning products over the years to know whats a hit and whats a miss in my books. So rather than rambling on, i'll get onto the nitty gritty of what we really want to know.

The Body Buff...
Personally I am a tad fussy when it comes to body scrubs, I need the scrub on my skin otherwise I don't feel like its working. I would say that this scrub has a medium scrub factor, its not overly scratchy but you an feel it. It also smells divine as it contains Mango, Shea and Coconut which leaves skin soft and hydrated ready for tanning. Another plus is that although it contains these moisturising ingredients, it doesn't leave an oily residue behind. 

The Tanner
This tanner is a mist with a difference. Once misted onto skin the consistency almost changes into a light gel which I liked because it was easier to distribute than your standard tanning mist.

The smell.... On a scale of 1-10 1 being no smell at all and 10 being full on biscuit fake tan smell, I would give this a 4. Its not overpowering at all and if im honest you can really smell the tanner, its more of an aloe vera scent that you can smell.

The colour... I think you will all agree with me when I say that the colour is pretty darn good. A true golden glow that we all want from a fake tan. I even waited a day and applied another layer and the colour still ticked all my boxes.

How long it lasted... The tan itself lasted about a week in full and kept its original deep colour for about 4 days before it started to fade. 

The fade... So that I could test the power of this tan to full effect, I let it fade without exfoliating my skin. After about 4 days the colour started to lightly fade. The tan faded nicely until about day 6 when I had to get the scrub out.  

Overall view...
This tanner has made its way into my top 5. Its easy to apply, it doesn't stink and the colour is everything I would want it to be. At £17.50 its not the cheapest but It is worth it.

You can find out more about Unreal products HERE and if I have left  anything out feel free to leave your questions in the comments.



  1. thank you for posting this :) always on the hunt for new tanning brands! x

  2. Such a good review, thanks for posting this. I'm so pale to the extent I'm nicknamed Casper by my family for being so pale and I always want to tan but find that they're too dark for me and look unnatural. After this review I'l definitely try this product!

  3. Oh my god what a difference! Love it looks a nice colour on you too not orangeness ha-ha :) might have to look into this I = ghost at the moment.


  4. This sounds great, you mentioned this is top 5, what are the other 4?

  5. @discoveringBeauty Sienna x, st moriz, xen tan dark lotion and palmers gradual tanner

  6. This is a fantastic review! I have heard great things about Unreal before, I am definitely going to buy one of their kits! -x-

  7. I like this a lot, I've been looking for tanners for my pale friends. I may get this for them.


  8. Hey thanks for the review! I've been looking for a good fake tanner! Can I use this also on my face? because winter is comming and I don't see the point in fake tanning m whole body just arms and face. And can you buy it online? Because I'm from the Netherlands and I have never heard of this brand.
    I'm following u cuz I like your blog.
    Would you also like to check out my nail art blog? I need more visitors haha.

    Take care,
    xx Rebeca

  9. @Becky yes you can use it on the face and the link for the site where you can buy it is in the post, thanks for following.. Il take a peak at your blog too.x

  10. This looks very interesting; we're always being asked the 'paler community' to recommend something which will suit their skin tone and look natural. Can't wait to try it!

  11. Thanks for posting the review and the picture. It looks great, so much better compare to what I saw in the past :) X

  12. I'm very pale and don't like tanning but this looks very natural and it's a good alternative...

    xoxo aley

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