11 August 2011

Like me if you like....

Hey chicas, sorry I haven't posted much over the last few days, but with all these riots going on in my home town, tapping away at my keyboard was the last thing on my mind, especially when a mahooosive fire broke out a little too close to me for comfort!

Anyhoo, now that all this seems to be quieting down ( at least I think, because I now refuse to watch the news) I thought I would jump on here and share a little something with you. I'm in 2 minds really but meh! I have decided to create a facebook page, because I know a lot of my readers don't have blogger so may miss the odd update. Plus it just seems like the thing to do * Jumps on band wagon* .....

Just click the picture to take you to another part of my world, Hope to see you over there..... *whispers* I have a very exciting competition coming up soon for all you hair tool lovers, so get liking to be in for a chance of winning.



  1. I feel so sorry for you! Hope you are okay and also your neighbors, for that matter. The riots sound horrible, I hope these mindless thugs stop soon!

  2. Awww thank you Ellie, im fine now thanks :)

  3. know how you feel, am in croydon, was horrible! x

  4. Hope you are ok now and the riots are over :)


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